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Bullet Witch Review (X360)

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Bullet Witch Review (X360)
Bullet Witch is a third-person shooter that tries to rely on a shallow gimmick rather than focusing on things like solid gameplay and decent looking graphics. Instead, the main focus of the game is that you play as an attractive woman and you have a big gun. Now, that certainly isn’t a bad thing to have in a game, but when it is the only appealing aspect of the title, you have problems.
Quick Hits

  • Title: Bullet Witch
  • Platform:Xbox 360
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Developer: Cavia Inc.
  • ESRB Rating: “M” for Mature
  • Genre: Third-person action/shooter
  • Pros: Some set pieces are pretty impressive; reversible cover art
  • Cons: Impressive moments are short lived and too far apart; slow, boring gameplay; bland graphics


Bullet Witch takes place in the year 2013 after several years of war, disease, and disasters have killed billions of people. Even worse, a interdimensional portal has opened and demons have started taking over Earth. Your character in Bullet Witch is a witch named Alicia, who uses her powers to try and save the world.


The only gameplay mode in Bullet Witch is the story mode, which will only take you around six hours to beat. There are multiple difficulty levels and you earn achievements for beating the levels on various difficulties, but the gameplay is so bland you likely won’t want to play through it again. There are online leaderboards, but no multiplayer component whatsoever. The price of the game is only $50 rather than the standard $60, which makes the lack of modes a little easier to swallow, but it is still unacceptable for a game to offer so little.


The gameplay is where Bullet Witch really falls apart. You can shoot enemies with your upgradeable gunrod, use simple melee attacks, and use magic. The shooting aspect is what you’ll be doing the most, and even after you buy upgrades to turn the gunrod into a shotgun or sniper rifle, the action is always slow and tedious and boring. Movement is slow. Targeting is slow. Reloading is slow. Melee attacks are slow. It doesn’t help that the enemy AI is so completely braindead. The zombie/demon things you fight are content to just stand around while you shoot at them. The level design is also very linear, and the gameplay typically goes like this: Run for a little ways. Fight 3-4 enemies. Run some more. Kill floating brain thing to break barrier and unlock next section of level. And then repeat that pattern a few hundred times. Boring.

The one aspect of the gameplay that is halfway decent are the magical spells you have at your disposal. Lightning spells. Healing spells. Telekinesis. You have nine different spells at your disposal by the time you finish the game, and some of them are pretty impressive. Using the “Will Power” telekinesis spell to slam objects into enemies is pretty darn satisfying. You will also earn tornado and meteor spells that cause massive destruction to not only your enemies, but to the surrounding landscape. When you have the opportunity to really make good use of your magic, the game can be pretty impressive. It is just too bad you can only really use it in a few key points and the rest of the game is just mindless shooting.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Bullet Witch are just as weak and uninspired as the rest of the game. There are only a couple of different enemy types. The environments have bland textures, and objects tend to pop in out of nowhere thanks to a strangely short draw distance. Alicia looks okay and is decently detailed, but pretty much everything else is rather bland.

The sound is a bit of a mixed bag. The soundtrack is actually pretty good, but the sound effects and voice work can only be described as generic.

Bottom Line

Bullet Witch is about as average as a game can get. No aspect of it is really all that bad, and there isn’t anything I’d say is broken here, but there also isn’t really anything outstanding about it either. Average graphics, slow and uninspired gameplay, and a lack of features all add up to one incredibly unimpressive title. Give it a rental to earn a few easy gamerscore points, but I can’t recommend Bullet Witch for a purchase.
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