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Titanfall Review (XONE)

We've seen Titanfall, and it is pretty darn good.  We wish there were some sort of single-player option, but if you like multiplayer games you'll have a great time.  Our review has all of the details.

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Titanfall Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One Comparison

Thursday April 17, 2014

Titanfall 360 box

Titanfall may be the Xbox One poster child, but it is also available on Xbox 360 as well. The Xbox 360 version is arguably more important, truth be told, considering that the 360 has an exponentially higher install base. The good news is that the 360 version features all of the same content as the XONE version and performs pretty well out on the battlefield, but other aspects of the experience are a little lacking. See what we mean in our Titanfall Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One comparison.

Titanfall Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One Comparison

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Trials Fusion Review (XONE, X360)

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Trials Fusion box
The latest Trials game welcomes us to the future of endlessly crashing motorcycles with a sci-fi setting and some new features. The core of the game is still the rock solid puzzle platforming we all know and love, of course, but RedLynx tried some new things with ATV levels and a trick system. These new additions weren't entirely successful, but the rest of the game is just as awesome as ever, so we forgive them. We played Trials Fusion on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 and have impressions of both versions here in our full review.

Trials Fusion Review (XONE, X360)

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RBI Baseball 14 Review (XBLA)

Tuesday April 15, 2014

RBI Baseball 14 boxOnce upon a time, there nearly wasn't a new baseball game for Xbox systems in 2014. Then Major League Baseball Advanced Media announced the return of the classic RBI Baseball franchise, and there was much rejoicing. And then we actually played RBI Baseball 14 for XBLA, and were kinda bummed out. It plays just like the oldschool RBI games, but the ugly presentation and bare bones feature set leave a lot to be desired at the $20 asking price. See our full RBI Baseball 14 review for all of the details.

RBI Baseball 14 Review (XBLA)


Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut Review (XONE)

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Strike Suit Zero DC box

Can you believe it has been more than a decade since the last Rogue Squadron game and considerably longer than that since the last Colony Wars? Space combat games are awesome, yet no one wants to make them for consoles anymore. Thankfully there are developers like Born Ready Games and programs like ID@Xbox that can bring awesome space combat to Xbox One. Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut is a gorgeous looking, great playing space combat sim that no fan of the genre should ignore. See more details in our review.

Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut Review (XONE)

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