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What is the Xbox 360 Core System?


Question: What is the Xbox 360 Core System?
Answer: The Xbox 360 Core system is a bare bones system for people that just want to get in and start playing games without too much fuss. It is a remarkably poor value, though, and it is recommended that you pick up a Premium system instead. The Core costs $279.99 and includes the following:
  • Xbox 360 System
  • Composite (Red+White+Yellow) AV cable
  • Wired controller

As you can see, the Core doesn't include a hard drive or memory unit to save games on or the right cable to hook your Xbox 360 up to a HDTV. Once you add up all of the stuff you'll likely end up buying anyway (either a hard drive or memory unit, additional controllers, Xbox Live headset, remote) the cost comes out to well above the $349.99 price of the Premium system. Avoid the Core if you can.

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