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Top 10 Xbox 360 Shooters


The showcase genre on the Xbox 360 is definitely the shooter genre. Whether third-person or first-person, shooters dominate the Xbox Live charts as well as the sales charts for months at a time. It isn't exactly a family friendly genre, however, as most of the games are rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB. For gamers mature enough to handle them, however, shooters can be a lot of fun. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Xbox 360 Shooters.

1. Halo 4

Halo 4 is the first Halo title without Bungie at the helm, but new developer 343 Industries didn't miss a beat. In fact, Halo 4 is arguably the best playing out of all of the Halo titles. Something you can't argue, however, is that it is easily the best looking game in the series (and on Xbox 360 in general) and is the most fully-featured Halo yet. Halo 4 is fantastic.

2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

So long World War II. Hello modern warfare! Call of Duty has made the leap from the heroics of the greatest generation to a horrifying vision of the future in CoD4, and the results are pretty darn spectacular. The single-player campaign is filled with tight gameplay and great moments you’ll want to play again and again, and the multiplayer is some of the deepest and most satisfying around. Call of Duty 4 is a great game that is highly recommended.

3. BioShock

2K Games

BioShock is a great game. It is one of those rare games that combines not only amazingly polished graphics and sound, but very solid, deep, complex gameplay, a great story, and an overall feeling of immersion that sucks you in and keeps you playing that few other titles can match. BioShock is a must play game for Xbox 360 owners.  The sequel, BioShock 2, is also highly recommended, but not quite as good as the original.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Never before has a game shaped the release landscape like Modern Warfare 2 has. Other publishers were scared of Activision and Infinity Ward’s latest project and delayed their own games because of it. That is completely awesome. And you know what? It was justified. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one of the best selling games of the HD generation and Modern Warfare 2 improves on that winning formula in just about every way. This is a must play game.

5. Halo: Reach


I'll come right out and say it. Halo: Reach is easily the best Halo game yet. From the campaign to the multiplayer to the forge to Firefight, everything in Halo: Reach is uniformly polished and excellent. The gameplay is sharp and precise. The presentation is stunning. The wealth of content is impressive. You'll be playing this for months to come. There is no question that Bungie is going out on top with its final Halo game.

6. The Orange Box

The Orange Box is one of the best videogame bargains ever. For your $60 (now much, much less), you get Half-Life 2, the Episode One and Two expansions, puzzle/FPS Portal, and online multiplayer game Team Fortress 2. None of the games are perfect, but taken as a whole this package is very, very good and is highly recommended for all Xbox 360 owners.

7. Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 is the most fully-featured shooter on the XBox 360. It not only offers a great campaign with awesome co-op, but also a full suite of multiplayer modes and a couple of variations of the now standard Horde mode. Even better, you can play all of the multiplayer offline with A.I. bots if you want, which makes Gears 3 easy to recommend for everyone because even if you don't want to play online, all of those great modes will still be playable. Other developers should take note - this is how you make a full-feature game that is actually worth $60.

8. Left 4 Dead 2

EA / Valve
On the surface, Left 4 Dead 2 seems like the same game as the original L4D. The gameplay and setup and everything are awfully familiar. When you dig a little deeper, however, you find a game that is improved in just about every way. The presentation is better, the campaigns are better, there are more modes, and the new weapons make the gameplay quite a it deeper than it was before. Left 4 Dead 2 is a better game than the original and definitely worth a look.

9. Battlefield Bad Company 2


There has been a lot of rhetoric and chest thumping coming from EA and DICE in the weeks leading up to Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s release about how it was going to be the game to knock Modern Warfare from its spot on top of the multiplayer shooter world. After spending some time with the final build, we can happily say they do come pretty close to that goal. The campaign is kind of weak, but the real draw here is the multiplayer and it is as solid as you’ll find in the genre.

10. Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm got a lot of attention for being kind of rude and crude (seriously, this game earns it's "M" for Mature rating with a foul mouth that would make a sailor blush) but it also had some ridiculously good gameplay to back all of that talk up. It is just plain fun to play and has a unique high score element that keeps you coming back. It looks great, too, which always helps.
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