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Know what to expect before you purchase a new Xbox game. We offer our unbiased opinions here.
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Aeon Flux Review
Aeon Flux is a movie-to-game tie-in that was crafted with an actual love and respect for the source material rather than just as a quick cash in like we see with many movie games. There are some gameplay and story issues that sour the overall experience, but fans of Aeon Flux will find a lot to like here.

Black Review
From the moment it was revealed that Criterion (the brilliant minds behind the Burnout series) was working on an explosion-filled FPS, Black shot to the top of everyone’s most wanted list. Now that its here, I’m happy to say that the presentation and gameplay are very impressive and will not disappoint. The lack of multiplayer and extremely short single player campaign are a bit of a letdown, but Black is very fun while it lasts and is worth checking out.

Driver: Parallel Lines Review (Xbox)
I remember being blown away by the original Driver on PSone because it was one of the first games where you could go “Wow! I’m driving through a real city and I can do whatever I want!” In the years since then, we have seen countless games that have taken that idea and ran with it while Driver has struggled to catch up. Parallel Lines is definitely better than the last two Driver games, but it still fails to live up to the immense potential of the original and is light years behind GTA.

EA Sports Arena Football Review
Arena Football tweaks the NFL game a bit and kicks the speed up a few notches. The real AFL is a thrill to watch since all of the rule changes – most notably the 50 yard field – makes every game a shootout where literally every play can result in a touchdown. Find out how EA's videogame version of Arena Football stacks up right here.

FIFA 07 Review (Xbox)
After years of steady improvement but still playing second fiddle to Konami’s Winning Eleven series, EA has finally got everything right and created a soccer game that can truly be considered WE’s equal. It packs all of the licensed teams and players the series is known for, but also has some fantastic gameplay to go along with it. Soccer fans, FIFA 07 is a great game that is worth checking out.

Fight Night Round 3 Review (Xbox)
Fight Night Round 2 was one of our favorite Xbox games of 2005 so Round 3 had some pretty high expectations to meet. Amazingly, EA has delivered a boxing experience that easily surpasses everything that Round 2 had to offer. Better gameplay and more of everything else makes Fight Night Round 3 not only the best boxing game around but one of the best Xbox games period.

FlatOut 2 Review (Xbox)
FlatOut 2 takes the “bigger, better, faster” sequel approach to create a deeper and more feature-rich game, but the developers forgot to fix the main problem with the first game which was slippery gameplay. It does fill the destruction derby subgenre on the Xbox pretty well and gamers just looking with smash up some stuff will find quite a bit to like, but the overall feel of the game is just too sloppy to make FlatOut 2 worth more than a rental.

Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green Review
Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green is a zombie-themed FPS that fans of zombie movies will absolutely love. This is just 100% pure zombie killing action that zombie fans have been waiting seemingly forever for. If you are just looking for another shooter, this isn’t for you. But if you are a die-hard fan of the living dead, you need to check this one out.

Madden NFL 07 Review (Xbox)
Madden is back on the Xbox for another year and the result is pretty good. Unlike last year’s Madden 06 which didn’t really add anything new, the 07 version has some new gameplay features and some new graphical polish that make it clearly the best Madden you’ll find on the Xbox. There are still some issues here and there, and the gap between the Xbox and 360 versions of the game isn’t nearly as wide as last year, but Madden NFL 07 on the Xbox is well worth checking out for sports fans.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon Review (Xbox)
Mortal Kombat Armageddon is huge game that plays a little better than previous installments, but it isn’t really the definitive entry in the series that fans might have been hoping for. It is packed with nostalgia and will only set you back $40, though, so it is still recommended for MK fans.

NASCAR 07 Review (Xbox)
After several solid games with enough new features and improvements to keep you coming back year after year, NASCAR has finally hit the wall. Madden haters like to claim (incorrectly) that all you are getting is a roster update every year, but that is pretty much all NASCAR 07 really has to offer which is an absolute shame. It is still a good game, but not worth paying full price for.

NCAA Football 07 Review (Xbox)
Nothing can compare to the atmosphere of a college football game. The deafening crowd noise, the fight songs, the electricity in the air that comes from the fact that any and every play could turn the tide in your team’s favor. Simply put, college football is amazing and EA’s NCAA Football 07 recreates it almost perfectly. Xbox sports fans, you need this game.

NFL Head Coach Review (Xbox)
Who would have thought that a coaching simulator would be the next big thing in sports. Europe has been going crazy over this type of game for years and now EA has finally come up with one for the US. NFL Head Coach takes the franchise mode from Madden but kicks it up a few notches so you have an insane level of control over every aspect of your team. You only get to sit back and watch the on-field action, however, which proves to be another weak point of an interesting, but flawed, game.

Real World Golf Review (Xbox)
See how videogame golf was played where you got to stand in front of your TV and swing like a doofus BEFORE the Wii or Kinect existed in our review of the surprisingly solid Real World Golf for Xbox.

Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run Review (Xbox)
Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run takes the Interceptor gameplay from the 3D Spy Hunter games and adds third-person on foot sections to capitalize on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s specialized brand of butt kicking. It sounds cool on paper, but the execution in both areas of the game can only be considered mediocre. It isn’t a bad game, but it doesn’t really stand out in any area either, and that is the biggest problem with Nowhere to Run.

The Godfather: The Game Review (Xbox)
The Godfather videogame from EA is an intriguing blend of great story, many different gameplay elements, and decent production values that all come together to create a surprisingly good videogame adaptation of one of the most beloved films of all time. This is a license that EA couldn’t afford to mess up and, thankfully, they have delivered an experience that should make fans of The Godfather very happy.

The Matrix: Path of Neo Review
Path of Neo is Shiny and Atari’s latest attempt at a Matrix videogame and I am happy to say the final product is a lot better than Enter the Matrix. It takes a few liberties with the storyline and it isn’t the prettiest game around, but it features fun weapons-based and hand-to-hand combat and captures the feel of the Matrix universe very well. Fans of The Matrix will absolutely love it.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Review (Xbox)
The latest entry in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series on Xbox is finally upon us and, thankfully, it continues all of the things that made the game so fun for the last couple of years. It packs the same great gameplay along with more courses, more golfers, and more modes than ever. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is a solid game all around and is highly recommended.

TOCA Race Driver 3 Review
The racing genre on the Xbox is pretty well covered at this point but there is always room for more good racing sims. TOCA Race Driver 3 from Codemasters doesn’t really bring anything new to the table in terms of gameplay, but it gives you a ton of tracks and a ton of different race types – everything from go karts to F1 to GT to monster trucks – to play with. TOCA 3 is a fun game that can satisfy your need for speed in more driving disciplines than you can shake a stick at.

True Crime: New York City Review
2003’s True Crime: Streets of LA was a decent-but-flawed take on the GTA-style of gameplay and it showed quite a bit of promise. Fast forward two years and Luxoflux and Activision have produced a new True Crime set in New York City. The game features a good story and a great digital version of Manhattan, but the graphics and gameplay are decidedly worse than in Streets of LA. Simply put, True Crime: New York City is pretty disappointing.

UFC Tapout 2 Review (Xbox)
Ever since the first Ultimate Fighter reality show in early 2005, the UFC has been an unstoppable juggernaut. Strangely, though, we have not seen any new UFC videogames in the last couple of years, which seems odd that no one wants to strike while the iron is red hot. The best we can do on the Xbox is UFC Tapout 2 which was released in 2003. It isn’t perfect, but it does a pretty good job of presenting the UFC and it even features a surprisingly good roster of fighters.

Winning Eleven 9 Review
Winning Eleven is back for another season on the Xbox and, as impossible as it may seem after last year’s amazing game, the best soccer game in the world actually got better. The action down on the pitch is as sharp as ever and the addition of online play makes Winning Eleven 9 an absolutely fantastic game of soccer that no sports fan should be without.

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