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Guide to The Best Godzilla And Giant Monster Videogames
Become Godzilla in the best games based on the franchise for Xbox, PS2, and Wii.

How To Produce Videogame Videos For YouTube
Uploading your videogame hijinks is all the rage on YouTube these days and it is actually easier to do than you'd think. We tell you what hardware you need and offer some other tips here.

Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Gaming Forums
Posting on Internet message boards can be fun, but can sometimes be frustrating and aggravating. We share some tips on how to decipher certain discussions as well as what to avoid.

"Mass Effect: Paragon Lost" Anime Review
"Mass Effect: Paragon Lost" is an anime chapter in the Mass Effect universe that tells the tragic backstory of James Vega. We have our full review here.

What Characers Would You Like To See In A Potential Xbox All-Stars Fighting...
Sony recently revealed its own Smash Bros.-style mascot character fighter, but what about Microsoft? We ask our readers what Xbox characters they would like to see in an Xbox-themed brawler.

What If ... There Was A Microsoft All-Stars Fighting Game?
Nintendo's Smash Bros. series has always been a fan favorite and now Sony is getting into the act with its own mascot character fighting game. It got us thinking - who would we like to see in a Microsoft-themed all-star fighting game?

Spoiler Filled Mass Effect 3 Ending Article of Spoilers
Invested 100+ hours into the Mass Effect franchise only to be disappointed with the unsatisfying ending of Mass Effect 3? You aren't alone. We talk about it here.

Guitar Hero Vs. Real Guitar
The debate of Guitar Hero vs. playing a real guitar has been around since the series first debuted in 2005. We took a look at both sides of the argument and decided that both can be pretty fun and worthwhile in their own ways. Check out all of the details here.

What Are Your 2011 Gaming Resolutions?
When the year ends, many people like to wipe the slate clean and start fresh for the new year by setting out goals that will make the new year different. Saving more money, losing weight, being nicer to people, not kicking puppies, contributing more to charity. Etc. Gamers do the same thing, such as wanting to beat more games, try new genres,...

The Guitar Hero Workout
After playing Guitar Hero: Metallica like crazy and being exhausted at the end of the day, I started wondering about how good of a workout Guitar Hero or Rock Band really is. After finding only snarky responses to this question from years ago on Yahoo! Answers from people that clearly didn’t know anything (par for the course, eh?), I did a...

The Xbox 360 Games of 2008 - In One Sentence Each
To wrap up our 2008 Xbox 360 Games coverage, we borrowed an idea from NeoGAF where you describe a game with one sentence. Some are funny, some aren’t, but all of them are like super secret inside jokes that no one will understand unless they played that particular game. If you have any jokes or ideas about the Xbox 360’s 2008 lineup you’d like...

Videogame Horror vs. Movie Horror
When is the last time a horror movie actually scared you? How often do you read a movie review and they describe it as “I was laughing more than I was scared”? Now, when is the last time a horror videogame scared you? I’m willing to bet that it is pretty much every time you play one. Read on to find out why videogame horror has surpassed movie horror.

$60 For New Games Is Too Much
I'm putting my foot down. $60 for next gen games is just way too much money and there isn't really any reason for the price increase. Read our full article right here.

Top 10 Games Based on Movies
Games based on movies have greatly increased in quality over the last few years and now they are something gamers can actually get excited about instead of cringing when they are announced. We take a look at the best movie games available for the Xbox.

The Increasing Quality of Movie Videogames
Videogame movies are pretty bad, but what about the games based on movies? They used to be awful, but lately there has been a lot of great movie games. Read our full article for more.

Top 8 Videogame Movies
Videogame movies aren’t going to be winning any Oscars any time soon, but they are still pretty fun to watch. Grab some popcorn and a few friends and waste away an evening or two with these DVDs. Just make sure to check your expectations at the door.

Why Can't Hollywood Do Videogames Justice?
With few exceptions, videogame movies are horrible. We take a look at some of the things that make videogame movies difficult to create as well as offer a few suggestions on how to make them better right here.

Game Publishers Need To Stop Telling Us What We Want
Games publishers tend to tell gamers what we want instead of actually listening to what the market truly thinks, and we're getting tired of it. Read more in our full article.

Pixel Force Halo FAQ
What would Halo: Combat Evolved be like if it was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989? If the results were anything like programmer Eric Ruth's Pixel Force Halo for PC, it would have been pretty darn awesome. We have full details on Pixel Force Halo, including where you can download it, right here.

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