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Xbox Games: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What You Need to Know About Xbox Live Free...
If you don't want to pay for Xbox Live you aren't completely missing out. The free Xbox Live Silver service still has a lot to offer. Find out all about it right here.
10 Best Xbox 360 Kinect Games
We share our top picks for the best Kinect games for Xbox 360.
Full List of Xbox Games that Will Work on Xbox...
There are currently more than 400 Xbox games compatibile with the Xbox 360. This list shows every BC game available. Our receommended titles have been listed in bold.
Can Video Games Really Cause Motion Sickness?
Getting motion sickness while playing video games affects a lot of people, yet it seems almost like a taboo to talk about among gamers because you might not be seen as “hardcore” since you can’t play certain things. I’m here to change that. Gears of War makes me want to puke, and I want everyone to know! In this article, I share some of my personal experiences with what games make me sick, what game mechanics cause the problem, and what you can do if you also suffer from motion sickness.
10 Xbox 360 and Kinect Games Your Kids Will Love
Finding games for kids that have the right balance of difficulty and fun factor can be a challenge. It is also important to find games that you can play with your kids either in co-op, light hearted competition, or by taking turns and passing the controller back and forth. We have put together our list of recommended kids games on the Xbox 360. We tried to avoid most licensed games because they are generally terrible, and wanted to focus just on good games for the whole family.
3 Ways to Never Pay Full Price for XBox Live...
Xbox Live doesn't have to be expensive if you wait for the right deals. Our full guide shares the secrets of cheap Xbox Live right here.
How to Connect Your New XBOX 360 to a TV
If you need some help connecting your new Xbox 360 to your TV, this step by step guide should help you out.
Specs for the Microsoft Xbox 360
Hot off the presses directly from Microsoft, these are the official specs for the Xbox 360.
What Xbox 360 Games Work on Xbox One?
See the full list of backward compatible Xbox 360 games on Xbox One right here.
Understanding the Cost of Xbox Live
Microsoft has revealed the prices and packages that will be available for Xbox Live on the Xbox 360. Find out all of the details right here.
What, Exactly, Is Xbox Live Gold?
There are two versions of Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This FAQ has details on the Gold level of service.
10 Best Xbox 360 Racing Games
Just like the first Xbox, the Xbox 360 has a great lineup of racing games and a controller perfectly crafted for the genre. We list our picks for the Top 10 Xbox 360 Racing Games right here.
Top 10 Games for Kids to Play on Xbox
Here are our picks for the top ten Xbox games for kids.
Is the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible With OG...
The Xbox 360 is backwards compatible with certain original Xbox games. See our full FAQ on how it works here.
What is Xbox Live And Why Do I Need It?
Xbox Live is Microsoft's online service for the Xbox and Xbox 360. Find out what it is and what it does right here.
Review - Call of Duty: Black Ops III XONE
Call of Duty: Black Ops III offers quantity of content, but not necessarily quality. See our review for more.
Want to Boost Your Xbox 360 Gamescore? Play...
Addicted to achievements and improving your gamerscore? We have tips and tricks as well as some of the best games - and some to avoid - that will help your score.
Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an...
When you are going to spend your hard earned cash on a new game console, it is usually a good idea to do your homework first so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. We have a full buyer's guide for the Xbox 360 that should tell you everything you need to know.
A Simple Fix For Many Xbox One Software Problems
Solve software issues (like games or apps crashing or not loading at all) on Xbox One with a full system reboot. We tell you how right here.
Did You Know that You Can Watch DVDs on Xbox 360?
Just like the original Xbox, the 360 can play DVDs. Find out the details right here.
The Top Xbox 360 Horror Genres
People like to be scared. We don't get the primal
Earn Free Xbox Cash In Lots of Easy Ways
Buying Microsoft Points cards can be expensive, but Microsoft actually has a couple of ways you can earn them for free. You won't get a lot, but a little of something is better than a lot of nothing. Our guide gives all the details here.
The Top 10 Games for Xbox 360
The Xbox 360 is nearly 8 years old now, which means it has tons of great games. Our picks for out ten absolute favorites are right here. If you don't already own any of the games on this list, we highly recommend them.
How To Produce Videogame Videos For YouTube
Uploading your videogame hijinks is all the rage on YouTube these days and it is actually easier to do than you'd think. We tell you what hardware you need and offer some other tips here.
Why Original Xbox Games Don't Work On the Xbox...
The Xbox 360 is capable of playing original Xbox games, but depending on the hard drive you have, it might not always work. We've investigated the issue and figured out the problem. See the details here.
Top 10 Shooters for Xbox 360
The showcase genre on the Xbox 360 is definitely the shooter genre. Whether third-person or first-person, shooters dominate the Xbox Live charts as well as the sales charts for months at a time. It isn't exactly a family friendly genre, however, as 9 of our picks are
Full Beatles: Rock Band Song List
See the full track list, plus DLC info, for The Beatles: Rock Band here.
Buyer's Guide - Everything You Need To Know...
If you're considering buying an Xbox One, our full buyer's guide has answers to all of your questions.
Top 10 Best Sports Games on Xbox 360
Sports games give us the opportunity to do things we can't normally do or to take control of our favorite athletes to do things that might not happen in real life. Am I going to drive in the winning run for the Mariners in game 7 of the World Series? No. Are the Vikings going to win the Super Bowl anytime soon? Who knows. But sports games give us the opportunity to make these things come true. We list the best game for each sport right here in our list of the 10 Best Xbox 360 Sports Games.
The 10 Most Overlooked Games for the Xbox 360
There are a lot of great games out there that get overlooked for one reason or another. Whether it is because they are hard to find, got bad reviews, or just came out at a bad time of year, there are a lot of hidden gems out there that deserve to be played. Here is our list, in no particular order, of the ten best Xbox 360 games you probably haven't played.
The Best Xbox 360 RPGS You Can Buy
The Xbox 360 has a solid mix of Western and Japanese-style RPGs (though it is definitely lighter on the JRPGs than the Wii or PS3) that will keep most fans satisfied. Our picks for the best RPGs on Xbox 360 are right here.
The 10 Must Play, Can't Miss Xbox One Games Out...
Wondering what the ten best games on Xbox One are currently? Wonder no more, as we share our picks for the best of the best games to play on your shiny Xbox One.
11 Reasons We're Excited About Fallout 4
Fallout 4 has finally been announced and there are already lots of reasons to be excited about it. Here's just a few things we like so far.
Top 8 Best Star Wars Games on the OG Xbox
There have been a lot of Star Wars games created over the years and the OG Xbox has seen more than its fair share of them. This is a list of the eight best Star Wars games on the Xbox.
10 Must-Play Strategy Games for the Xbox 360
Strategy games aren't a genre normally associated with consoles, but the Xbox 360 has had a number of great strategy games represented a few different styles. Real-time, turn-based, card based, and more are all present on the Xbox 360. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Xbox 360 Strategy Games.
5 Reasons You Should Buy an Xbox 360 (Not a PS3...
Deciding between an Xbox 360, PS3, or Nintendo Wii is a tough decision. We try to help you out with five reasons why Xbox 360 is great for the whole family.
Review - Star Wars Battlefront XONE
Star Wars Battlefront delivers the fan service, but falters in the gameplay. See our review.
Top Ten Fighting Games on Xbox 360
The Xbox 360 has a great lineup of fighters both at retail and digitally on Xbox Live Arcade. We have our picks for the ten best right here.
A List of the Features You Get on Xbox 360
Here are some of the features you can expect with the Xbox 360.
Play Your Favorite Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One...
Microsoft revealed Xbox 360 backward compatibility is coming to Xbox One later this year. See all of the early details here.
Scariest Games for the Xbox
Horror games give us the best scares from horror movies along with the feeling that we are (or at least think we are) in control of the situation. There are a lot of great horror games on the Xbox and these are our picks for the ten best.
Best Xbox 360 Games By Genre
The Xbox 360 has a wide range of games covering every genre and interest level. We list our picks for the best the Xbox 360 has to offer in the following articles.
Top 10 Best Local Multiplayer Games for Xbox 360
This list covers the best local multiplayer (not Xbox Live) games on the Xbox 360. Both competitive and co-op games are included.
Xbox 360 Xbox Live Details
Xbox Live on Xbox 360 is something special and we have all of the official details straight from Microsoft right here.
What Is The Xbox 360 Elite System?
Microsoft has announced a new version of the Xbox 360 system. What does the Elite have that the Pro and Arcade don't? Find out right here.
Review - The Crew Wild Run Edition XONE
The Crew gets better with a Season 2 update and Wild Run expansion, but it still isn't great. See our review for more.
What Is Xbox 360 Games On Demand?
A great feature of the Xbox 360 is that you can purchase full digital version Xbox 360 and original Xbox games on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The only problem is that the prices are usually higher - in some cases much higher - than you would pay for the same game on eBay or at GameStop. How do you know which Games on Demand are worth buying, and which ones to skip? We have tips on which games to buy, as well as answers to any other Games on Demand questions you might have, right here.
What Were Microsoft Points (And Boy Am I Glad...
Microsoft Points used to be the currency of the Xbox Live Marketplace, but not it uses real money instead. Find out all of the details right here.
Frequently Asked Questions About Xbox One
Now that the Xbox One has been officially announced, we try to cover any of the most common and most important questions about the system.
Review - Amazon's Trade-In Service Disappoints
Amazon's trade-in service has been a huge hit over the last few years, but a string of recent changes have left the service a shell of its former self. We loved it 2 1/2 years ago, but in 2013 things aren't so hot
The Facts on Microsoft's First Xbox
Just what is this fancy Xbox thing everyone is talking about? Find out what it is, what makes it so great, where to buy it, and more in this article.
Kinect Buyer's Guide
Motion gaming is all the rage thanks to the Nintendo Wii, and now Microsoft is throwing it's hat into the motion-controlled ring with Kinect for Xbox 360. We have information on everything you need to know about Kinect here in our Kinect Buyer's Guide.
Essential Tips For Being the Best PVZ Garden...
We share our tricks and tips on how to be a better Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare player right here.
Top 100 Xbox 360 Games
The Xbox 360 has been out for more than four years and has seen hundreds of games released for it in that time. We've played most of those games (90% or so), and like to think that we have a pretty good idea of what games are good, bad, or in between. We're just focused on the good stuff for this feature, though. We now present our Top 100 Xbox 360 Games.
What is a Gamerscore on X360 and XONE?
Achievements and the associated points that make up your gamerscore are some of the coolest things that make the Xbox 360 special. Click here for all of the details.
Guitar Hero vs. Real Guitar - Both Are Fun, But...
The debate of Guitar Hero vs. playing a real guitar has been around since the series first debuted in 2005. We took a look at both sides of the argument and decided that both can be pretty fun and worthwhile in their own ways. Check out all of the details here.
How to Not Get Yourself Banned From Xbox Live
Xbox Live's code of conduct is pretty clear - don't be a jerk to people and don't do illegal stuff - but people end up getting banned all the time anyway. It isn't hard to avoid a ban, people. Find out here.
The 10 Absolute Worst Games for Xbox 360
The Xbox 360 has been out for 3 years now, and while there have been a lot of great games released, the 360 has seen its fair share of bad games as well.
Tony Hawk's Project 8 Full Soundtrack List
Activision has revealed the full soundtrack listing for Tony Hawk's Project 8. See the full track list here.
Top 10 Xbox 360 Action Games
The Action genre, so wonderfully vague in its description that anything from straight hack-and-slash to open world sandbox games can fit into it.
How To Transfer Data To A New Xbox 360 Hard Drive
Whether you buy a new Xbox 360 system or just a bigger hard drive, you'll need to transfer your data from the old HDD to the new HDD. Our FAQ tells you exactly how it works.
Top 10 Indie Games for Xbox 360
The Indie Games (formerly Community Games) section of the Xbox Live Marketplace is overshadowed by the XBLA and rest of Xbox Live, but it has some really great games that you can get for dirt-cheap. We share our picks for the ten best Xbox 360 Indie Games right here. We looked for good gameplay, obviously, but slick graphics and good music and sound also had a big impact on our choices.
Review - Adventure Time: Finn and Jake...
Adventure Time is back, this time on Xbox One. See our full review of AT: Finn and Jake Investigations right here.
Review - Fallout 4 Lives Up To the Hype on XONE
Fallout 4 is a massive game that mostly lives up to the hype. See our Xbox One review here.
Disney Infinity Review (X360)
Combine the addictive toy collecting of Skylanders with the Disney name, and you have a potential mega success on your hands. Disney Infinity is just that game, and it is exactly what you'd expect. Our review has all of the details.
Top 10 Best Xbox Live Arcade Games
The Xbox Live Arcade is one of the best features of the Xbox 360. Lets take a look at some of the best games available for download right now.
Guide to Ultimate, GOTY, Complete, and...
Seeing multiple versions of the game games on shelves can be confusing, so we take a look at the best (and a few of the worst) re-releases of popular games and tell you which ones are worth a look.
What Was the Xbox 360 Core System?
Find out details of the Xbox 360 Core system right here.
Ten Best Driving Games on OG Xbox
Here is our list of the must-have driving games on Xbox.
Everything You Need to Know About Xbox 360's...
The Xbox Live Arcade is a special feature of the Xbox 360 that allows you to download games to your Xbox 360. Find out all of the details here.
Our Picks for the Best Xbox 360 Games in Each...
Choosing the right gift for the gamer(s) in your life can be difficult, but with our Xbox 360 Gift Guide, it should be a snap! We’ve listed the absolute best Xbox 360 games in each genre (racing, shooters, action, sports, etc.) so you can be sure to grab the best of the best as well as a list of the best peripherals (controllers, guitars, steering wheels) for those hard to shop for gamers.
Xbox to Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility FAQ
OG Xbox backward compatibility on Xbox 360 didn't quite live up to expectations, but it was still solid enough. See our FAQ here.
Review - The Gunstringer (X360 Kinect)
Kinect finally has a killer app that isn't a dancing or sports game. The Gunstringer is the best game on Kinect yet. Find out all of the details here in our full review.
Guitar Hero World Tour Full Song List
Activision has officially announced the full track list for Guitar Hero: World Tour. The game is scheduled to be on store shelves on October 26th. It is also noteworthy that this isn’t just a normal Guitar Hero game like we are used to. It will also include drums and vocals as well as a music studio to create your own songs. The instruments from Rock Band 2 will also be fully compatible as well. Rock on! Check out the full song list right here.
Full Need for Speed Carbon Song List
See the full soundtrack listing for 2006's Need for Speed: Carbon.
How Not To Be A Jerk On Xbox Live
People on Xbox Live don't always behave themselves. Whether this is simply because they're ignorant of how they should be acting, or they're actually just jerks is up to debate. Perhaps if everyone read this guide on Xbox Live Etiquette we could all learn to get along better.
Complete Guide to Using an External Hard Drive...
Using an external USB hard drive with your Xbox One is easy to do and offers benefits besides just more storage. See our full guide for more.
Xbox 360 Breakdown and Repair FAQ - RRoD, E74
We all know at this point that the Xbox 360 isn’t the most reliable game system ever (though, lets be honest here, the PS3 and Wii have also proven to break down more often than previous gen systems as well …), but all is not lost. Microsoft has a great warranty in place to fix your system if (when) it does break, and with a few helpful tips you can extend the life of your system as long as possible. We cover everything you need to know about Xbox 360 breakdowns and repairs right here.
An Xbox Live Survival Guide for Female Gamers
Xbox Live is a scary place, particularly for girls, so we offer tips on how to make gaming online more fun for everyone.
Minecraft XBLA Diamond Glitch no Longer Works
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Note:  This glitch
Full Song List for True Crime: New York City
See the full soundtrack for True Crime: New York City (previously called Streets of New York) right here.
Xbox Live Is Even Better On XONE
Xbox Live is getting some major improvements on Xbox One thanks to Microsoft's heavy investment in cloud computing. See how Xbox Live will improve on Xbox One here.
Fallout 3 vs. New Vegas - Which One Is Better?
Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are both great games, but which one is better? We take a look at what both games offer and come up with our favorite right here.
Tips and Tricks for Minecraft XBLA
PC players have been addicted to Minecraft for a couple of years now, but new players starting out on Xbox Live Arcade probably have a lot of questions. We do our best to address common questions and problems new Minecraft players have right here.
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Full Tracklist
Activision has revealed the full song list for the Tony Hawk's American Wasteland soundtrack and it looks like another classic. Find out all of the details right here.
Gift Ideas for New Xbox One Owners
See our picks for gift ideas for the new Xbox One owner in your life. The system only just came out, so there aren't a ton of options, but we have some ideas right here.
Ranking the Best Gaming Video Capture Devices
We share our top picks for the best gaming video capture devices for aspiring YouTubers.
Xbox 360 Video Marketplace FAQ
A great feature of the Xbox 360 is that you can download movies and TV shows to your hard drive. It is simple, fairly painless, and a great way to watch movies and TV shows. And many are even available in high-definition. Find out all of the details right here.
The PS4 Is More Powerful Than Xbox One, And...
The PS4 has more power under the hood than the Xbox One, but it might not matter as much as some gamers want to think. We take a look at the issue here.
Beginner's Guide to Capturing Gaming Videos for...
We share basics tips and info on how to capture and produce gameplay videos for YouTube.
Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Pics
Here is the Xbox 360 in all of its glory. The rumored design details that the system would use wireless
Tips and Tricks for New Xbox 360 Owners
If you have just bought your first Xbox 360 system, there are some things you need to know. These tips and tricks will help you extend the life of your system as well as get the most enjoyment out of it as possible.
Review - Halo 5: Guardians XONE
Halo 5: Guardians is a great return to form for the Xbox-exclusive franchise. See our full review for more.
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitar Controller...
With a new mainline release of Guitar Hero comes a new plastic guitar to play with. We have always preferred the Guitar Hero guitars over the Rock Band guitars, so it is something to look forward to every year when we get to add a new plastic axe to the collection. For Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the guitar got a major redesign to allow for more user customization, but it comes at the cost of some functionality. It is still a decent guitar, but far from our favorite.
Cabelas North American Adventures is the Best...
Cabela's North American Adventures for Xbox 360 isn't like other hunting games. It has solid presentation, fun gameplay, and actually has a ton of modes to enjoy. Without a doubt, Cabela's North American Adventures is the best hunting game on Xbox 360.
Review - Rise of the Tomb Raider XONE
Rise of the Tomb Raider is the best Tomb Raider yet. See our review for more.
Xbox 360 Slim System FAQ
Microsoft surprised everyone at its E3 2010 media briefing by announcing that not only was a redesigned Xbox 360 system in the works, but it would be available in stores that same week. We finally got our hands on one, and have all the details on the Xbox 360 Slim right here.
Xbox One Controller and Kinect Info
Microsoft has revealed some of the changes and improvements coming to the controller and Kinect for Xbox One. Controlling your games has never worked this well.
Full Band Hero Song List
See the full track list for Band Hero on X360 / PS3 right here.
Dead Rising 1 Save System Tips
The save system in the Dead Rising series has delighted some people while bewildering others. It isn't exactly obvious how it is all supposed to work, but our guide should help.
Minecraft Review (XBLA)
PC players have been addicted to Minecraft for the last couple of years, and now it is console gamers turn to see what the fuss is about with the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game. Find out all of the details right here.
Top 10 Best Co-Op Games for Xbox
Co-op is hands down the best way to play games and the Xbox has a ton of games both on and offline that let you work cooperatively with your friends. Here are our picks for the ten best co-op games on Xbox.
Essential Tips and Tricks For Your Brand New...
Essential tips that any new Xbox One owner should know to help you get the most out of your system.
Top Ten Sports Games for the Original Xbox
Sports games are well represented on the Xbox, but not all of them are good. This list showcases the best game for each sport so if you are looking for a new football, basketball, soccer, or hockey game look here.
What Is The Xbox 360?
Just what is this Xbox 360 people are talking about? Find the answer right here.
Users Reporting Xbox One Hardware Issues at...
The Xbox One is facing some hardware issues at launch. See our full article on what the problems are and what you can do if your system does have an issue.
You Won't Believe How Fun Oldschool, Three-Clic...
The hidden gem of the Xbox One launch is the arcade golf game, Powerstar Golf. It hearkens back to oldschool arcade-style golf, and is a ton of fun to play. See our review for more.
Review - Need for Speed XONE
Need for Speed is basically Underground 3, which means it is still worth a look even with flaws. See our review.
Top 10 Best On-Demand Xbox 360 Games
The Xbox 360 Games on Demand service isn't exactly popular due to the fact that most things are way too expensive, but it is still possible to find some titles that are worth downloading. We list our picks for the best Games on Demand titles here.
Karaoke Revolution OG Xbox Song List
See the full track listing for Karaoke Revolution on the original Xbox right here.
Every 2 Minutes Xbox One and Mountain Dew...
Microsoft is teaming up with Mountain Dew and Doritos to give away thousands of Xbox One systems in Fall 2013. See all of the details here.
The Soundtrack for Need for Speed Most Wanted...
EA has finally revealed the track listing for the Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) soundtrack. See the full song list here.
The Best Multiplayer Shooter on Xbox One Is PVZ...
EA and PopCap turn Plants vs. Zombies into a third-person-shooter in Garden Warfare with mostly successful results. Our review has more.
What is the Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360...
To celebrate the launch of Halo 3, Microsoft released a special edition Xbox 360 system. Find out what is different about it from the other Xbox 360 systems right here.
What is the Xbox Live Marketplace?
One of the best new features of the Xbox 360 is the Xbox Live Marketplace. Find out all of the details right here.
Watch Hulu, YouTube, and More on Xbox 360 With...
Before Microsoft released official apps for streaming video services, we had to use third party programs like PlayOn to stream video to the Xbox 360. It isn't really relevant anymore (though it does still work), but you can learn all about how PlayOn worked on Xbox 360 right here.
Beginner's Guide to Recording Commentary for...
Capturing good looking video is only half of the gaming YouTube equation - you also need your audio commentary, too. This guide will help get you started.
Watch Netflix On Your Xbox Without Xbox Live,...
Microsoft finally wises up and will allow you to use entertainment Apps like Netflix without Xbox Live Gold. See the details here.
Xbox 360 Slim Image Gallery
1-5 5 Xbox 360 Slim Console Image 1 Xbox 360 Slim Console Image 2 Xbox 360 Slim Console Image 3 Xbox
Full Need for Speed Underground 2 Song List
See the full soundtrack listing for Need For Seed Underground 2, including an exclusive song from Snoop Dogg, right here.
Angry Birds Star Wars Review (X360)
Angry Birds Star Wars is just as fun on Xbox 360 as it is on mobile devices, but also costs quite a bit more. Read our full review to see if it still might be worth the premium price.
Review - Just Dance 2016 XONE
Just Dance 2016 is another solid dance title for Xbox One, but this one doesn't even need Kinect. See our review for details.
Bottom 10 Worst OG Xbox Games Ever
The Xbox has a lot of great games, but there are some pretty horrible ones out there as well. These are some of the worst of the worst.
Review - Real World Golf XBOX
Before Kinect and Wii tried to measure your golf swing digitally and without much precision, there was Real World Golf for Xbox. See our full review of this old, but solid, Xbox golf game here.
How To Store and Maintain Your Game Systems
Setting up your game console in the right place can extend it's life significantly. See our tips here.
What X360 Instruments Will Work With Rock Band...
Harmonix has revealed an extensive list of backward compatible instruments that will work with Rock Band 4. See all of the details here.
Full Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Track List
See the full track list for 2010's Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock right here.
Knights of the Old Republic
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the best game on Xbox. Great RPG gameplay with lightsabers just never gets old, and KOTOR offers all that and a lot more.
DDR Ultramix 3 Song List
Konami has revealed the song list for DDR Ultramix 3 and it looks to be the best Ultramix yet. Find out all of the details right here.
Top Ten Best Original Xbox Games
Check out our picks for the ten best Xbox games available for the Xbox.
Everything You Need to Know Before Buying An...
I've you're looking at buying an Xbox 360 for Christmas 2014, we have everything you need to know right here in this handy guide.
The Hauppauge HD PVR 2 GE Can Meet All of Your...
The Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition is a great video capture device for aspiring YouTubers. See our impressions for more.
Hands-On With the Live Gamer Portable from...
The Live Gamer Portable is one of the best video capture devices on the market right now. See our full impressions for more.
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Review (X360)
We weren't fans of the last Rapala game, Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009, but we were hopeful that the new Rapala Pro Bass Fishing would somehow be good. Activision's hunting games have greatly improved the last couple of years, after all, so we hoped that trend would carry over to fishing as well. The good news is that it is much better than Fishing Frenzy 2009. The bad news is that it still isn't very good, and not even a specialized fishing pole motion controller can save it.
Hands-On With the Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket
Hauppauge's HD PVR Rocket has a ton of great features at a perfect price point. See our overview and impressions for all of the details.
Top 10 Best Xbox Shooters
Xbox is the best platform for shooters this generation thanks to amazing graphical power and a great controller. Both first and third-person shooters shine on Xbox and these are the best of the best.
What Was The "FIFA Hack" on Xbox Live?
Back in 2011, nefarious folks on the Internet started using FIFA 12 to steal other players' login info / credit card numbers. This article explains what went on, and how to fight it.
Guitar Hero Live Song List
Find out what songs are coming to Guitar Hero Live right here.
Gaming on a Budget Part 1
Getting all of the games you want is expensive. Unless, of course, you know where to look. Everything you need to know about how to get the most out of your gaming dollar is here.
Xbox 360 Peripherals
Microsoft is rolling out a nice line of peripherals for the Xbox 360 including wired and wireless controllers, a camera, and a universal remote control. Find out all the details right here.
What is a Gamer Profile?
Your gamer profile is your personlized ID on Xbox Live. Find out all about it right here.
Our Wish List For a Microsoft All-Stars...
Nintendo's Smash Bros. series has always been a fan favorite and now Sony is getting into the act with its own mascot character fighting game. It got us thinking - who would we like to see in a Microsoft-themed all-star fighting game?
What Are Xbox Achievements?
Achievements are special awards you get for meeting certain conditions in the Xbxo 360 games you play. Find out all about them right here.
These Are The Best Looking Original Xbox Games...
The OG Xbox was a graphical powerhouse during its generation so we take a look at some of the best looking games available for the system.
How To Choose The Right Games For Your Kids
If you play a lot of video games, more than likely your kids are going to want to play them too. That is a good thing, of course, because sharing is caring, but it isn't such a good thing when the only games in your collection are Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Gears of War, and Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. In this article we'll give you tips on how to choose games that are more suitable for kids as well as how to get the best experience for both you and your kids.
Top 8 Xbox 360 Games I'd Totally Buy My Dad
A little back story – My Dad isn’t much of a gamer. He played a bit during the NES and SNES days, but hasn’t touched a game controller more than a handful of times since then. It got me thinking, what current Xbox 360 games would I buy for him if I wanted to get him back into gaming. I weighed his interests against how easy it would be to get into each game, and came up with the list. Here are the Top 8 Xbox 360 Games I’d Totally Buy My Dad.
Xbox 360 Dashboard Screens
Check out these screenshots of what the Xbox 360 dashboard is like.
Kinect Disneyland Adventures Review -...
Explore Disneyland and interact with your favorite Disney characters with Kinect Disneyland Adventures. This family-friendly game uses Kinect in unique ways to let you go do Disneyland from the comfort of your own living room. We have all of the details right here.
Check Out Our Review to See Why Minecraft Is...
Minecraft comes to Xbox One bigger and better than ever (at least, for a console version). See our full review here.
Rocksmith 2014 Xbox One Impressions &...
Ubisoft brings its Rocksmith series to Xbox One, but the result isn't the defining version we had hoped for. See our full impressions of Rocksmith 2014 for XONE here.

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