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Smash TV

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Smash TV

The Bottom Line

The Xbox Live Arcade has a glut of Robotron-style action games, but Smash TV is definitely one of the better ones. It is a fun game but the difficulty level is absolutely crazy. You get unlimited continues, but good luck ever getting the "Beat the game without using a continue" achievement. A fun game that is worth the 400 points.


  • Classic arcade game
  • Blood and guts
  • Instantly recognizable visuals and audio
  • Unlimited continues!


  • Very, very, very difficult
  • Near impossible achievements


  • Crazy difficulty
  • Fun, Robotron-style gameplay
  • Classic arcade graphics and sound
  • Unlimited continues
  • 36.50 MB downlaod
  • 400 Marketplace Points

Guide Review - Smash TV

Smash TV is a sort of twisted game show where your character fights his way through room after zombie filled room in search of money and prizes. You pick up powerups along the way and your only objective is to shoot everything that moves and just try to survive. Just surviving in this game is extremely difficult, though, as the screen is flooded with enemies at all times. The enemies aren't terribly smart, but they can overwhelm you with sheer numbers. Thankfully, you have unlimited continues so, unlike the original arcade version, you don't have to keep dropping quarters into it every thirty seconds to beat it.

You can play through the game either by yourself or with a buddy in co-op and it is a pretty enjoyable experience all around. This is another one of those games that kind of loses its luster after one play through, but earning high scores will surely be enough to keep some people playing.

Overall, Smash TV is a fun game that isn't too shabby for the 400 point investment. Geometry Wars is a better game, but Smash TV gives you a bit of a different take on the same style of gameplay so it is still worth a try.

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