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Hardwood Backgammon

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Hardwood Backgammon

The Bottom Line

If you are a fan of backgammon, paying the 400 marketplace points for Hardwood Backgammon should be a no brainer. It is a perfect videogame version of the classic board game and the Xbox Live play really seals the deal and makes it something special. Even if you aren't already familiar with backgammon, the tutorials and training in this game is very good and will get you up to speed very quickly. Highly recommended.


  • Perfect videogame version of backgammon
  • Fun Xbox Live play
  • Easy to learn, tough to master
  • Satisfying blend of luck and skill


  • AI can be a bit too easy and predictable


  • Amazingly fun Xbox Live play
  • Customizable boards
  • AI is on the dumb side

Guide Review - Hardwood Backgammon

Backgammon is a deceptively simple game, just rolling some dice and moving pieces around a board, but it is a perfect blend of luck and strategy that is just really satisfying to play.

Hardwood Backgammon perfectly captures the game and is an absolute blast to play. If you are wondering just what backgammon is or what the rules are, check out the backgammon page at the About.com Board / Card Games site.

The game features a very nice tutorial mode that teaches you the rules and how to play but figuring out bigger and better strategies is left up to you. This makes Hardwood Backgammon very user friendly for not only longtime backgammon fans but also for people new to the game. You can play against the AI but, unfortunately, it falls into predictable patterns that you can easily take advantage of. Once you have a few games agaisnt the AI under your belt, winning every time isn't too hard. Thankfully, you can play agaisnt real people in multiplayer games or on Xbox Live and this makes the overall experience much more enjoyable.

Whether you already love backgammon or are just now getting into the game, Hardwood Backgammon on the Xbox Live Arcade is highly recommended.

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