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Xbox Live

Everything you need to know about playing your Xbox games online via Xbox LIVE.

Xbox Live Etiquette Tips
Xbox Live, like any popular community, has a wide variety of members. And, unfortunately, a lot of them are jerks. We share advice on how to deal with rude people, as well as some tips on how to ensure other people don't think the same about you.

Xbox Live Survival Guide for Female Gamers
Being a girl in the male-dominated world of online gaming can be tough. We offer tips to help girls not just survive, but thrive online.

How To Get Xbox Live for Less Than $50 a Year
One of the biggest complaints about Xbox Live is that it is a paid service. While you do have to pay, you don't always have to pay full price, and we have tips on how to get it for less right here.

What Is Xbox Live Gold?
Xbox Live Gold is a paid subscription service for online multiplayer on Xbox 360. It offers a lot more than that, though, which we explain here.

What is Xbox Live Silver / Free?
Xbox Live Free, formerly called Silver, is the free version of Xbox Live. It has a few limitations compared to Gold, and we explain them here.

What Is Xbox Live?
Just what is Xbox Live and why do you need it? We answer all here.

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