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Pelican System Selector Pro Review

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Pelican System Selector Pro Review
If you have an HDTV and a nice audio setup or you simply have a whole bunch of systems to hook up all at once, you need a Pelican System Selector Pro. This baby is the Cadillac of system selectors and it really will change the way you play games and watch movies. The video and audio quality is perfect and just for the sake of convenience, nothing beats it.


The Pelican System Selector Pro is a massive device at first glance, but it actually has an industry standard footprint so you should be able to stack it with your DVD player or VCR or stereo equipment with ease. It features seven composite/s-vide/component inputs on the back with an eighth input hidden on the front of the unit. Three of the inputs on the back also include Ethernet ports and optical digital audio. There is also, of course, outputs for all of these hookups as well as an extra set of red and white audio outputs so you can hook the System Selector Pro up to a TV and stereo at the same time. The front of the unit features eight buttons with removable name plates so you can have the right labels associated with each button. The unit also comes with a simple remote control so you can easily switch systems. Another feature that sets the Pro apart from Pelican’s other system selector is that it is powered so you’ll have to find an open plug in for it.


From a performance standpoint, the System Selector Pro is nearly perfect. There is virtually no signal loss thanks to the fact that it is powered so this is the system selector of choice if you have an HDTV or audio setup with optical digital audio inputs. Even if you don’t have an HDTV, this device is still worth owning due to the sheer amount of inputs. You will be able to have a PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and DVD player all hooked up at the same time and have space left over for the Xbox 360 and other next gen systems and you’ll be able to connect them all with component cables for the best video output possible. I think that it will change the way you play games because it will allow you to have all of your older systems hooked up along with your newer ones which means you’ll be able to do more and play more than ever before. And that is always a good thing. The only slight issue with the System Selector Pro is that it doesn’t upconvert so if you want to plug your Xbox and DVD player in with component video and your GameCube with s-video you’ll have to run both types of cables to your TV. Not a huge problem, but something to be aware of.

Bottom Line

If you have an HDTV, are thinking of getting one, or simply have a lot of stuff you need to hook up to your TV all at the same time, the Pelican System Selector Pro is a must have item. You can hook up to eight devices with component cables and get the glorious video quality you always dreamed of. The extra features such as Ethernet ports and optical digital audio just sweeten the deal and make it even more useful. I’m not completely sold on the usefulness of the remote simply because you have to get up to change games or turn the systems themselves on. Earlier reviews of the product without the remote always noted the lack of remote as a problem, but now that we have one I don’t see the point. Finding an open plug in for the unit will also be an issue for some people (like myself). Little nitpicks aside, this is an immensely useful device that I highly recommend for anyone that is serious about games. The MSRP is $100 but with some looking you can find it for quite a bit less. Even at full price, though, it is worth every penny.
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