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Red vs. Blue Season 4 DVD Review

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Red vs. Blue Season 4 DVD Review
Rooster Teeth
Red vs. Blue Season 4 returned to the series’ roots. Shorter episodes, tighter story, and lots of rapid-fire comedy put Season 4 right up there with 1 and 2 as some of the funniest stuff you’ll ever see. My only complaint is that because Season 3 was so over the top and heavy on crazy plot twists that you really need to have seen it to understand Season 4. Once you get your head wrapped around the story, though, it is very enjoyable. Xbox and/or Halo fans, you need to see Red vs. Blue.

Honk, Honk. Blarg (Story)

As I mentioned above, Season 4’s story relies pretty heavily on your knowledge of what happened previously in the series. If you haven’t already seen Seasons 1-3, watch them first or you’ll be lost. Season 4 follows the Red team as they return to Blood Gulch and Simmons goes crazy when no one believes he saw a tank driving around. The Blue team is still at Zanzibar where they discover an alien who was sent there to claim Tucker’s glowing sword. The Blues then go on a quest to slay a mythical beast and use the sword (which is really a key) to fulfill an alien prophecy. Eventually, everyone returns to Blood Gulch (which is called Coagulation in Halo 2, by the way) and everything returns to normal. Mostly.

Blarg! (Features)

Red vs. Blue Season 4 includes episodes 58-77 of the hit internet comedy show that have been edited together into one long movie. Jokes that were “in the black” at the end of episodes in the original downloadable versions (Tucker’s “Bow Chicka Bow Wow” jokes and Simmons arguing with Sheila the Tank, for example) have been re-shot so you have some nice visuals to go with the audio funny.

Special features include the things we have come to expect from Rooster Teeth and the Red vs. Blue series. There are PSAs covering Xbox 360 Zero Hour, New Years, The Winter Olympics, and Custom Videos people ask the cast to make. You’ll also find outtakes (I highly recommend the “Sargeisms” segment), deleted scenes, and character profiles. There is also an audio commentary track that is full of information that RvB fans will really appreciate.

Honk Blarg (Bottom Line)

Overall, Season 4 is right up there among the best that Red vs. Blue has to offer. Season 3 was a little too long, and too complicated, and the jokes were a bit too far apart. All of these problems were fixed in Season 4 and the result is something special. The actors have really got their characters nailed down now so everything is very consistent. Matt Hullum as Sarge is particularly good this year. The jokes are also just better and more memorable this season. Adding an alien “Honk blarg” makes any real life situation hilarious and “Bow chicka bow wow” is just as brilliant. I highly recommend Red vs. Blue Season 4 along with all of the other seasons of the series. You’ll watch this DVD many, many times so it is absolutely worth the $20 investment.

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 5 out of 5
Red vs blue 4, Member 123invaders

After the blues find an alien(crunchbite)tucker, caboose, andy,and cruchbite go on a quest to complete an alien prophecy this is my personal favorite of the red vs blue series the jokes are absolutely hilarious the alien was a great edition to the series my only problem is Andy was a little annoying. But overall I recommend this film it's nonstop comedy and my favorite red vs blue movie.

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