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Need a new controller, steering wheel, or fighting stick? Here you will find information about what products to use and which ones to avoid.

Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel and Elite Pedals Review (X360, PS3, PC)
If you're serious about racing videogames - really serious - there is no better wheel for Xbox 360 than the Fanatec CSR Wheel. It, along with pedals and a shifter set for the full experience, is pretty expensive, but definitely worth it for race fans.

Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel Review (X360)
Hardcore gamers have laughed at motion controls even as the Wii and now Kinect is selling like gangbusters, so it is no surprise that most gamers see the Wireless Speed Wheel - Microsoft's version of Wii-style motion controls for racing games - and ignore it. Casual gamers, though, will absolutely love it. The Wireless Speed Wheel works great,...

Best Xbox 360 Peripherals
If you're looking for a new Xbox 360 controller, steering wheel, or guitar and want to know which product is the best of the best, we have answers for you right here. We give our picks right here for the best Xbox 360 peripherals on the market.

Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Fight Pad Controller Review (X360)
If the d-pad on the Xbox 360 controller isn't cutting it, you might consider getting a new controller made specifically for fighting games. We review the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Fight Pad here.

Saitek Aviator Flight Stick Review (X360)
If you love flight sim games, there isn't much of a choice for flight stick controllers on the Xbox 360. Thankfully, the few actually released are pretty darn good. We have a full review of the Aviator Flight Stick from Saitek right here.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X4 Wireless Headphones Review (X360)
Turtle Beach make some of the best wireless headsets around and they're specifically with gaming in mind. We take a look at the Ear Force X4 right here.

Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008 Review
The Guinness Book of World Records has been settling bar bets and encouraging regular Joes to rise up and do something noteworthy for decades now. Recently, Guinness has published the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008 to give videogames and the people that play them their own spotlight. For hardcore gamers, there isn’t much substance here. But for casual gamers, parents of gamers, or kids, it is worth checking out.

Hori EX2 Xbox 360 Arcade Stick Review
The Xbox 360 is an arcade game fans’ dream. We have the Xbox Live Arcade, filled with classic arcade titles alongside some brand new ones. We have a growing list of backward compatible games, including a lot of fighters. And we have Dead or Alive 4 already with Virtua Fighter 5 and Soul Calibur IV on the horizon. To really get the most out of these games, you need an arcade stick, and Hori’s EX2 is just what the doctor ordered. Find out more right here.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 Wirless Gaming Headphones Review (X360)
Never ones to follow that old motto “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, Turtle Beach has put together a new set of wireless gaming headphones that improves on the already great Ear Force X2’s in pretty much every way. The new Ear Force X3 headphones sound great and add in a ton of new features that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them before. They have a MSRP of $99.95, but the Ear Force X3 headphones are worth every penny.

Red vs. Blue Season 5 DVD Review
It is the end of an era. Season 5 of Red vs. Blue marks the end of the Blood Gulch Chronicles storyline. It was a great ride while it lasted, and while we are sad to see it go, we know that Rooster Teeth has something equally great up their sleeves so we aren’t too bummed out. As far as the Season 5 DVD goes, it is packed with special features and the season itself is quite good. Halo fans. Xbox fans. You not only need Season 5 but the whole Red vs. Blue series.

Xbox 360 Texter Review
The Texter from Blue Orb Inc. is a little device that allows you to input text to your Xbox 360 with simple movements of the analog sticks. You might think it isn’t all that useful, but you’d be surprised how often you need to input text on a day-to-day basis on your 360. And don’t get me started on text input if you use MSN or play Phantasy Star Universe on your 360 a lot. The learning curve for the Texter is steep, but the benefits are worth it in the end and it is worth checking out.

Gamester Race Pac Review (Xbox, PS2)
One of the main problems with current racing wheels is that it is hard to find a way to position things so that you are comfortable and the pedals aren’t sliding all over the place. The Gamester Race Pac set from Radica solves these problems by providing you with a seat, wheel, and pedals that are all connected to each other. It is Xbox/PS2 only, but still a worthwhile purchase for last-gen racers.

GameKeeper Wire Gaming Storage Rack Review
Keeping your game systems cool and organized is very important to make sure they operate properly. The GameKeeper Wire Gaming storage system is a well-designed solution for just that problem. See our full review here.

GameKeeper Wire Gaming Racks Gallery
See shots of Atlantic Inc.'s GameKeeper line of game system storage racks in action.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive Review
The next-gen DVD format wars are upon us and Microsoft has chosen to side with HD DVD against Sony's Blu-ray format, and for just $199.99 you can get an HD DVD drive add-on for your Xbox 360. Is it worth the money? Is there a noticeable improvement over regular DVDs? How does it fare against the Blu-ray playback of the PS3? Find out all about it in our full review.

Xbox Live Vision Camera Review (X360)
Microsoft recently released the Xbox Live Vision Camera for the Xbox 360. How does it perform? Is it worth the money? What all can you do with it? Find out all about it right here.

Adaptec GameBridge 1400 Review
Ever wanted an easy way to take screenshots or record videos of your favorite games? There are a few ways to do it, but the hardware required usually costs a lot and the software isn’t the most stable you’ll find. Enter the Adaptec GameBridge 1400, a tiny little device that lets you hook any game console into your computer. It isn’t perfect, but for the performance you’ll get and the price you’ll pay, it is worth checking out.

Adaptec GameBridge Screens
Adaptec GameBridge Screens

Red vs. Blue Season 4 DVD Review
After a somewhat rocky (but still good) Season 3, Red vs. Blue Season 4 returned to the series’ roots. Shorter episodes, tighter story, and lots of rapid-fire comedy put Season 4 right up there with 1 and 2 as some of the funniest stuff you’ll ever see. Xbox and/or Halo fans, you need to see Red vs. Blue.

Mad Catz MC2 360 Wheel Review (X360)
Mad Catz has brought their MC2 wheel to the Xbox 360 and the result is just as good as the MC2 Universal wheel I reviewed back in 2004. It is looking like the Xbox 360 is going to be the king of racing games just like the Xbox was last gen and it is absolutely worth it to have a steering wheel if you are serious about racing. The MC2 360 performs great, is comfortable to use, and won’t put too big of a dent in your wallet. What more could you ask for?

Nyko Intercooler 360 Review (X360)
The Xbox 360 is a powerful console, no doubt, and because of all of that power it gets hot. Very hot. Electronics don’t work too well when they get hot, and as we have seen, the Xbox 360 is no exception. Enter the Nyko Intercooler 360. It is a little set of fans that attaches to the back of your Xbox 360 and sucks out enough hot air to make the system run 5-10 degrees cooler. Cooler operating temperature means better performance and longer life. And that's a good thing.

MadCatz Xbox 360 Microcon Review (X360)
A nice option for gamers with smaller hands playing on the Xbox 360 is the Mad Catz Microcon controller. Our full review has everything you need to know.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X2 Wireless Headphones Review (X360)
Turtle Beache's Ear Force lineup of wireless headphones for Xbox 360 have been pretty great over the years. We have a review of the older model Ear Force X2 right here.

Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kit Review
The Xbox 360 controller eats through batteries surprisingly quickly. We have a review of the Xbox 360 Play and Charge kit, along with a recommendation of a newer product, here.

Logitech Play Link Review
The Logitech Play Link is a nifty little setup that allows you to wirelessly connect any broadband device to your broadband internet. There is no complicated set up - just plug it in and play - and it works absolutely perfectly. It is simple, relatively inexpensive, and performs just like it should. Read our full review for all of the details on why you need one right here.

Pelican System Selector Pro Review
If you have a nice HDTV and surround sound setup, you owe it to yourself to pick up a Pelican System Selector Pro. This really is the Cadillac of system selectors and it offers eight component inputs along with some other really nice features including a remote control. Find out all of the details right here.

Pelican HD System Selector Review
If you have a lot of game systems, finding enough inputs for them on your TV can be a problem. Having enough component inputs is even trickier. Thankfully, Pelican can solve all of your problems with the HD System Selector. Find out all of the details right here.

Ear Force AXT "Ultimate Gaming Headset" Review
Sound plays an increasingly important role in video games these days so it only makes sense to want to have the best equipment possible. A full , booming surround sound setup isn't always the best option, however, due to a number of reasons. For those of us that crave great sound but need to keep the neighbors happy there are the Ear Force AXT headphones from Turtle Beach. They offer simulated 5.1 sound and a built in Xbox Live microphone all at a reasonable price. Check it out.

Logitech Cordless Precision Controller Review
Free yourself from the shackles of corded controllers and enter the world of wireless. The Logitech Cordless Precision Controller is the best wireless controller you'll find for Xbox. Find out all about it right here.

Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Controller Review
The SF Anniversary Edition Controller is a collector's item released by Nubytech that should make Street Fighter fans very happy. It features some spiffy packaging, some nice extras, and the controller itself isn't too bad either. Find out all about it right here.

Microsoft Xbox DVD Playback Kit Review
The DVD Playback Kit from Microsoft is necessary to play DVD movies on your Xbox, but is it worth the extra $30? Find out all about it right here in our full review.

XGaming X-Arcade Stick Review (PS2, Xbox, GC, +)
The X-Arcade stick is hands down the best fighting stick you can buy. If youw want arcade quality you have to use the same parts, and that is what the X-Arcade offers. It is compatible with PS2, Xbox, Gamecbe and there are adapters in the works so that it'll work with Xbox 360, PS3, and Revolution.

Mad Catz Blaster Review
There aren't too many light gun games available for the Xbox, but if you have any interest in the handful that are out there then you need to get a Mad Catz Blaster. Find out all of the details right here.

The GameSpot Report: E3 2005 Collector’s DVD Set Review
This 6-disc set from GameSpot is hands down the E3 set to own this year. It provides more coverage and better coverage than the competition and includes a bunch of really great special features that make you feel like you are right out on the show floor. This set is highly recommended to anyone with the slightest interest in E3. Find out why it is so great in our full review.

Fanatec Speedster 3 Force Shock Wheel Review
Having a steering wheel to play racing games with really enhances the experience. One of the best wheels on the original Xbox is the Fanatec Speedster 3 Force Shock. See our full review here.

E3 Access 2005 Review
E3 Access 2005 is a 4-disc set that covers just about everything that went down at E3. The press conferences from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are here in their full, unedited form along with previews of over 200 games and a bunch of special features. This isn't the only E3 DVD set in town, though, and E3 Access 2005 is only good enough to grab second place in this two horse race.

Red vs. Blue Season 3 DVD Review
The third season DVD of Red vs. Blue is here and it is huge. All 19 episodes of season 3 along with tons of bonus features make this a solid buy. You can read our full review right here.

Red vs. Blue Season 2 DVD Review
Here is our full review of the season 2 DVD of Red vs. Blue. This season is even better than the first one and is a must own for any self respecting Xbox or Halo fan.

Red vs. Blue Season 1 DVD Review
Click right here for our review of season 1 of the hit comedy show, Red vs. Blue. This is a must own DVD for Xbox and Halo fans.

Halo Book Reviews - The Fall of Reach, The Flood, and First Strike
The Halo universe is big and complex and it is hard to piece everything together if the videogames are the only things you have to go by. Filling in the gaps is a series of official books written by Eric Nylund and approved by Microsoft and Bungie. The three part series details what happened before, during, and after the first Halo game and leads right up to the events of Halo 2. These are must read books fof Halo fans.

GlovesPlay Controller Covers Review
Take care of your hands when you play games with GlovesPlay controller covers. They absorb sweat and provide a little extra padding that makes long play sessions much more comfortable. Find out all about them in our full review.

VDigi VD-Z3 Component -> VGA Transcoder Review
The VDigi VD-Z3 is a device that allows you to hook your Xbox, PS2, GameCube, digital cable box, or progressive scan DVD player into your PC monitor. This gives you HDTV quality visuals for a fraction of the price. Read our full review to find out more.

Neoya X2VGA+ Review
The X2VGA+ adapter from Neoya allows you to hook your Xbox up to your PC monitor which will give you high definition visuals at only a fraction of the price of an HDTV. The results are impressive and this is a product that any serious gamer shouldn't be without. Read our full review for more.

Pelican Wireless Arcade Stick Review
If you are serious about fighting games or you just love the Midway Arcade Treasures games, an arcade stick is a solid investment. Pelican has released a wireless arcade stick that is compatible with both PS2 and Xbox and is a great stick for a reasonable price. Read our full review for more.

Mad Catz MC2 Universal Wheel Review
Steering wheels just make racing games more fun. One of the best wheels for the original Xbox is the Mad Catz MC2 Universal Wheel. See our full review for more.

Pelican Afterglow Pro Controller Review (Xbox, PS2, GC)
The Pelican Afterglow Pro series of controllers have lights built into them so they brightly glow when you plug them into your console of choice. Not only do they look really cool, but they work great as well! Read our full review that includes all three versions of the controller.

IGN's Xbox Accessory Reviews
Right now, the best place to find information on all of the accessories available for the Xbox is at IGN. They have reviews of everything that has been released for Xbox so you should be able to make the right decision when you need a new controller.

Mad Catz Xbox Accessories
Mad Catz is one of the biggest third party peripheral makers in the industry.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitar Controller Review
With a new mainline release of Guitar Hero comes a new plastic guitar to play with. We have always preferred the Guitar Hero guitars over the Rock Band guitars, so it is something to look forward to every year when we get to add a new plastic axe to the collection. For Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the guitar got a major redesign to allow...

Power Gig: Rise of the SixString Guitar Controller Review (X360)
Rock Band 3 is getting all of the attention, but there is already a videogame on the market that works with a real six string guitar in Power Gig: Rise of the SixString. We take a look at the SixString guitar controller in this hardware review.

PDP Marvel Versus Fighting Pad Review (X360)
Fighting game fans hate the Xbox 360 controller's d-pad and love to complain about it. Controller makers have heard their pitiful whines, and brought arcade sticks and specialized fighting controllers to Xbox 360. The latest such device is the PDP Marvel Versus Fighting Pad, and it is one of the best yet. Find out all of the details here in our full review.

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