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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 360 Review

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 360 Review
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 on the Xbox 360 continues the same trend of missing features as the other EA Sports launch titles, but the narrower list of features isn’t as unforgivable here. My only complaints with Tiger on the Xbox was that the graphics were far from impressive and the game was way too easy. Tiger on Xbox 360 solves both of those problems so even though there are fewer golfers and less courses, the gameplay overall is quite a bit more enjoyable.


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Tiger Woods 06 on the Xbox 360 has ten real world golfers including Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, John Daly, and Reteif Goosen. It is a far cry from the roster in the Xbox version, but it is decent. The course list has also been cut down to just six, but you’ll find TPC at Sawgrass, Carnoustie Golf Links, Pinehurst No. 2, Turnberry, Ailsa Course, Riviera Country Club, and Pebble Beach and there is also an option for a random course made up of holes from all of the courses.

As far as modes go, the rivals mode is gone and has been replaced with a more traditional career mode which is arguably better than what we had before. You can also play standard matches in most of the variations that were available as well – stroke, skins, best ball, etc. Player creation is once again at the heart of the experience and you can make some pretty slick looking characters with the Xbox 360. The solid online mode also made the transition mostly intact. Overall, even though there is about half as much stuff in this game as the Xbox version, there is still a lot to see and do.


Most importantly, though, is that the gameplay has actually improved in this version. My main complaint with Tiger Woods 06 was that it was too darn easy. You’ll still get more iron shots from the fairway to roll in than you ought to, but overall you have to put more effort in for what you get so I’m pretty happy with it. Also, putting is quite a bit more realistic as well. You could just straight putt 95% of the time before and be fairly successful, but not here. Combine all of this with solid controls that made the transition to Xbox 360 seamlessly and you have a game that is easy to pick up and play but is ultimately a lot more satisfying since you have to actually earn your keep this time around rather than relying on lucky rolls.

Graphics and Sound

My other complaint with Tiger Woods on the Xbox was that it was rather ugly compared to other golf games and sports games in general. Thankfully, that problem has been fixed on the Xbox 360 and now the game is absolutely gorgeous. The grass is thick and great looking and the courses are lined with trees. There are people lining the course as well and they also look nice. And the golfers themselves have never looked better. Great facial detail and realistic looking clothing really bring the whole visual package together.

The sound is also very good, but it was great on the Xbox as well.

Bottom Line

Of all of the EA Sports Xbox 360 launch titles, I’m definitely the happiest with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06. Sure, there are less courses and golfers and modes available, but the gameplay itself has actually improved which is worth a lot more to me than having rivals mode (which wasn’t that great anyway). Also, it looks a lot better than before and believe you me, this is a game that really needed a next gen facelift. Is it worth $60? Probably not, but you’ll come closer to getting your money’s worth than with FIFA, NBA Live, or Madden on the 360. If you don’t already have it on the Xbox, the Xbox 360 version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 is worth checking out.
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