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Devil May Cry HD Collection Info (X360)


Devil May Cry HD Collection Info (X360)
The Devil May Cry HD Collection brings the original trio of PS2 Devil May Cry games to an Xbox platform for the first time. The Xbox 360 versions get a high definition graphical upgrade, achievements, and control improvements all for the low price of just $40 MSRP.

  • Publisher - Capcom
  • Developer - Pipeworks Software
  • ESRB Rating: “M" for Mature
  • MSRP - $39.99
  • Includes - HD versions of Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

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This isn't a review. Classic games like these don't really need reviews. But here is some basic info. Devil May Cry 1 came out in 2001 and blew everyone away (my college roommate was obsessed with DMC1 so I sort of have a soft spot for it as well, hey Morgan) with a new take on action games where you could shoot guns and use swords to melee combo to string together several stylish moves into one flowing wave of destruction. The gothic setting (despite being in the modern era) and story of vampires and demons and monsters proved quite popular.

Devil May Cry 2 was released in 2003 and was developed by a completely new team and is kind of drastically different from the other games in the series. It is easier, has huge boring environments, and changed the style and tone too much for many fans. It still plays okay, and if you weren't part of the swirling cloud of disappointment and anger back when it was released you'll probably actually enjoy it.

Actually a prequel to the other DMC games, Devil May Cry 3 came along in 2005 from the same team as DMC2 (this was like their apology letter to gamers everywhere) and kicked the whole series in the pants. It was more difficult, required better precision and intricate knowledge of the game's complex combo system, and was just a bigger and better game overall. The Special Edition version of DMC3, which added a new playable character, more boss fights, rebalanced difficulty, new modes and more is, thankfully, the version included in the DMC HD Collection.

The basics of the HD Collection versions are like this - DMC 1 has held up surprisingly well and is still a blast to play even though it is kind of outdated. DMC2, depending on your expectations for it, can be okay but it is mostly forgettable. DMC3:SE is still one of the best action games around and well worth the price of admission. You get these three games, surprisingly all on just one disc, for $40 MSRP. Not too shabby.


The visual upgrades in the DMC HD Collection are kind of uneven. The gameplay visuals have been given an HD touchup and widescreen aspect ratio and look very good. As you can guess, DMC1 is a little dated looking while DMC3 actually looks really nice in HD. On the other hand, though, the menus for the games haven't been touched up and look a bit of a blurry mess still in 4:3. Menus aside, though, the games all look really nice considering their age and are very playable in HD on Xbox 360.


Despite there being three games in the collection, there are still only 1000 Gamerscore points to earn here. Thankfully, though, each game has been split into 33 of its own Achievements for a total of 99, so there is plenty to keep you busy in each game.

Bottom Line

If you like stylish action games like the modern Ninja Gaiden series or Bayonetta, you'll love Devil May Cry. DMC was basically the start of the stylish 3D action hack and slash genre, after all, and the games have held up remarkably well. Modern games are more complex and even more over the top, but DMC 1 and 3 still stand out with great settings and satisfying, challenging, and fun gameplay. Whether you already played these games years ago, or are new to the series, the Devil May Cry HD Collection is a feature-packed and value-priced title that is absolutely worth a purchase.

Note: A review copy of this product was provided by the publisher.

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