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How To Transfer Data To A New Xbox 360 Hard Drive


Question: How To Transfer Data To A New Xbox 360 Hard Drive
If you buy a replacement Xbox 360 system, or just buy a bigger hard drive, you'll need to transfer your data from the old HDD to the new one. The process is easy, though not necessarily quick, and will transfer all of your downloaded games, saves, and profiles to the new hard drive.
Answer: To transfer data between your old hard drive and the new hard drive, you need a special transfer cable from Microsoft. You'll have to buy the transfer cable separately, unfortunately, but they are inexpensive. Or you could always use a friend's cable, since you more than likely know someone that has one.

How To Transfer Data From Old HDD to New HDD

  • 1. Remove old hard drive from console.
  • 1a. If you are using a new hard drive, install it in the console. (obviously ignore this step if you have a brand new system entirely)
  • 2. Plug transfer cable into old hard drive, and into USB port on destination console (where the hard drive is you want to transfer to)
  • 3. Turn on the system, and a pop up message will appear asking if you want to transfer data
  • 4. When the transfer is complete, you disconnect the old HDD and transfer cable from the system

The transfer process can take several hours depending on how much data you have to transfer. Be patient.

It must be noted that this is a one time, one way process. You can only transfer from a smaller HDD to a larger HDD.

If you have transferred the data on a totally new system (not just new hard drive) You will also need to perform a content license transfer via Xbox.com so you'll be able to play your downloaded games on the new system. See all of the details on this process here at Xbox.com. If you only swapped hard drives and not entire systems, you don't need to do this. If you did transfer to a new system, and you do not do this, you will only be able to play your downloaded content while connected to Xbox Live. It won't work offline.

If you do not have that much data, you can also transfer from one system using a USB flash drive to move up to 32GB at a time.

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