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Xbox 360 Information

Find the latest information on Microsoft's next console right here.

Xbox Live, Marketplace, and Arcade Impressions
We have our impressions of using Xbox Live, the XBL Marketplace, and the XBL Arcade on 360 right here.

Xbox 360 Hardware Impressions
Find out details about the Xbox 360 hardware and what all you can do in the dashboard right here.

Logitech Announces Harmony Remote for Xbox 360
Logitech has put together the ultimate Xbox 360 remote and it really is pretty spectacular. Find out all of the details right here.

Xbox Live Marketplace Details
Microsoft today revealed details on the Xbox Live Marketplace that will be used with the Xbox 360. Find out what sort of stuff will be available and how much it will cost right here.

Microsoft Reveals Details on Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility
Microsoft has finally spilled the beans about backwards compatibility and the news is surprisingly good. Find out all of the details, including which games will work at launch, right here.

Intec Xbox 360 Accessories
Intec has announced a nice looking lineup of accessories for the Xbox 360 that will be available within the launch window. They have mobile screens, AV selectors, game cases, and more. Find out all of the details right here.

Xbox 360 Launch Guide
On November 22nd, 2005, Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox 360 in North America. That will be followed by a December 2nd launch in Europe and a December 10th launch in Japan. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the launch including what games and accessories will be available, pricing, and also where you can try to find an Xbox 360 if you didn’t preorder.

Xbox 360 Hitting Stores on November 22nd, 2005
Microsoft has finally revealed the launch date for the Xbox 360. Find out all of the details right here.

Xbox 360 Xbox Live Price Info
Microsoft has revealed the prices and packages that will be available for Xbox Live on the Xbox 360. Find out all of the details right here.

Xbox 360 User Interface Guide Shots
Check out these screenshots of what the Xbox 360 dashboard is like.

Xbox 360 Pre-Order Info
This is a roundup of all of the online stores that have Xbox 360 pre-orders available.

Microsoft Officially Announces Xbox 360 Launch Price - $299 and $399
Microsoft has finally announced the launch prices and confirgurations for the Xbox 360. You can get a bare bones system for $299 and a fully loaded system for $399. Find out the details of this huge announcement right here.

Xbox 360 Xbox Live Details
Xbox Live on Xbox 360 is going to be something special and we have all of the official details straight from Microsoft right here.

Xbox 360 Peripheral Pics
The Xbox 360 is a gorgeous looking console, but the peripherals are pretty slick looking too. Take a look at the camera, headset, memory unit, controller, and remote right here.

Microsoft and Real Time Worlds Sign Partnership Agreement
Microsoft and award winning developer Real Time Worlds have signed an agreement that will see the developer creating a number of exclusive games for the Xbox 360. Find out all of the details right here.

Mountain Dew and Microsoft to Give Away an Xbox 360 Every 10 Minutes This Fall
Microsoft and Mountain Dew have announced that starting August 28th they will be giving away an Xbox 360 every ten minutes for nine straight weeks. That is over 9000 Xbox 360s total. Find out all of the details and how to enter here.

Xbox 360 Peripherals
Microsoft is rolling out a nice line of peripherals for the Xbox 360 including wired and wireless controllers, a camera, and a universal remote control. Find out all the details right here.

Xbox 360 Features List
Here we take a look at some of the features the Xbox 360 launched with in 2005.

MTV Xbox Special Pics
Here are some official pics of the MTV Xbox 360 special.

MTV Xbox 360 Special Recap
The Xbox 360 was officially unveiled on MTV and as the show ended it was as if millions of geeks cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. The show didn't tell us aything we didn't already know and the amount of game footage only amounted to a couple of minutes. Major bummer. Here is a recap of what did, and didn't, go down.

Xbox 360 Specs
Hot off the presses from Microsoft, we have the official list of specs for the Xbox 360 right here. Impressive. Most impressive.

Xbox 360 Pictures
See pictures of the original Xbox 360 console and accessories released in 2005. Includes shots of the system, controller, and logo.

Microsoft to Debut Xbox 2 on MTV
Microsoft has joined forces with MTV to debut the next Xbox on May 12th. Find out all of the details in our full news article.

Get Sneak Peeks at Xbox 2 at Ourcolony.net
Microsoft is at it again with another viral marketing campaign. This time they are trickling out images of the next Xbox on a website called Ourcolony.net. It is a sort of a game, though, so you have to actually work to get at the good stuff. Find out all about it right here.

Publishers Pledging Support for Next Xbox
Microsoft today announced a long list of top-level publishers that have agreed to support the next Xbox system. Find out all about it right here.

New Xbox 2 Details From Microsoft
Microsoft made a number of key announcements at the 2005 Game Developer's Conference about their next-generation Xbox. We have the full press release right here.

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