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Top 10 Best Kinect Games


Kinect has had a great first year on the market. We have our picks for the Top 10 Best Kinect Games right here.

1. The Gunstringer

The Gunstringer is without a doubt our favorite Kinect game so far. It is a sort of action / shooter where you control a cowboy puppet skeleton on his quest for revenge. Sound crazy? It is. Even crazier is the free DLC called The Wavy Tubeman Chronicles, which is just insane and funny. The Gunstringer is the most fully-features, fun, polished, and best overall game for Kinect yet and is highly, highly recommended.

2. Kinect Sports


The Wii launched with Wii Sports, and for many people that was all they needed.  It is fun and still works as good or better than anything since. Microsoft is trying to capture that perfect blend of simplicity, functionality, and accessibility with its own motion controlled sports game for Kinect, Kinect Sports. And they have more than succeeded. Kinect Sports is great. If you buy a Kinect, Kinect Sports should be one of the first games you get to go with it.

3. Kinectimals


One of the surprise hits of the Kinect launch is the virtual animal raising game, Kinectimals.  Kinectimals looks so cute and sweet it'll probably give you diabetes, but it is hard not to have a huge goofy grin on your face for the whole time you play it. Kids and girlfriends will love it. Male gamers will like it too, even if they won't admit it. Kinectimals is silly, cute fun.

4. Dance Central 3

Dance Central 3 takes everything that made the first two games good and improves upon it. A huge song list. Sharp, responsive, fun gameplay. Tons of features and modes. Dance Central 3 is easily the best dance game on Kinect.

5. Just Dance 3

Kinect actually has not one, but two great dance games. Just Dance 3 is a little simpler and easier than Dance Central 2, but thanks to a great song list and interface, and a focus on sort of goofy and funny dance moves, it is arguably more fun than DC2 since it isn't so serious. Just Dance 3 is all about just having fun instead of teaching you club-worthy moves, and because of that it is easy going and fun and worth a look.

6. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved


The Wii and Wii Fit introduced a workout craze that swept the world... for about a week and now balance boards are cluttering up closets. Microsoft's motion control device, Kinect, and Ubisoft's exercise title Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is the next step in the videogame workout genre. Instead of being limited to one small board to interact with and a handful of possible exercises, Kinect and YSFE turns your entire living room into a workout space.

7. Child of Eden

Child of Eden is essentially interactive artwork where you fly through beautiful landscapes while listening to beautiful music and try to destroy a virus that is attacking all of that beautiful stuff. It sounds a little artsy-fartsy, and it is, but it is also one of the most gorgeous games on the market and it makes great use of Kinect. It is also playable with a normal controller, but Kinect is the way to go.

8. Kinect Disneyland Adventures

All of the fun of going to Disneyland without actually having to go there! Kinect Disneyland Adventures lets you fully explore a wonderfully modeled version of the full Disneyland park in California that is almost exactly like the real thing. Rides, shops, bathrooms, churro carts, and everything else are all in the game right where they are in real life. This is a fantastic game for kids, but fun for adults too.

9. UFC Personal Trainer

For a little more serious and focused workout than Your Shape provides, you might consider UFC Personal Trainer. No, it doesn't teach you how to fight like an MMA star, but it does attempt to train you like one. It gets bonus points for really providing a smart, safe workout tailored to your fitness level, which means you'll be less likely to strain or hurt yourself while you're working out.

10. Brunswick Pro Bowling

Crave Entertainment
Kinect Sports' bowling is fun, but the best bowling by far on Kinect is found in Brunswick Pro Bowling. This recommendation comes with a caveat, though - the menus are absolutely atrocious and the presentation is awful. But once you jump through all the hoops and actually start bowling, it works incredibly well. The price dropped like a rock because of the issues I mentioned, and at a sub-$20 price it is worth a look.
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