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Spinter Cell: Chaos Theory Review

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Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory


The other multiplayer mode is the Spies vs. Mercenaries game from Pandora Tomorrow. It pits the third-person perspective Splinter Cell spies against Rainbow Six style mercenaries in deathmatch, disk hunt, and a type of story mode where new sections of the map open up when objectives are completed. There are a handful of new moves this time around including a spinning attack for the mercs and an optical camouflage for the spies, but for the most part this is the same multiplayer game people fell in love with in Pandora Tomorrow. The levels are bigger and better and more interactive in Chaos Theory, though, which makes the multiplayer in this game an even better experience. One nice touch is that a training mode must be completed before you can play online. This ensures that everyone playing at least knows what they are doing which makes things much more enjoyable for everyone.


Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory
Graphically, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is one of the best looking games ever. Every inch of every level is almost picture perfect and it all looks incredible. The animation for Sam as well as the enemies is extremely fluid and lifelike and ragdoll physics ensure that enemies look just as realistic in death as they did in life. Lighting as always been an important part of Splinter Cell and the swinging lights, flickering candles, and other light sources have never looked better than the do in Chaos Theory. This game is absolutely stunning from top to bottom.


The sound is also incredibly well done. All of the dialogue and story sequences have full voice and each and every member of the cast did a great job. The soundtrack by Amon Tobin rises and falls and changes according to what is going on and always sounds great and always fits the action. Sound plays an even larger role in Chaos Theory than in past games because there is now a meter that tells you how much noise you are making. It also tracks environmental noises, so as long as you keep your noise below the rain and wind or hum of machines you can make a fair bit of racket while still staying hidden. You can also whistle to lure an enemy into the shadows where you can take them out. This is a great looking and sounding game.

Bottom Line

Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is a great example of a developer listening to gamers and fixing problems to make a game that everyone can enjoy. If you aren’t a fan of the previous Splinter Cell games, please give Chaos Theory a try because it is a very different experience. You aren’t held down by linear levels or strict alarm limits and can now play the game any way you want. Every situation has multiple ways of getting through it so this is not only the most playable Splinter Cell yet, but also the most replayable. Chaos Theory features a huge single player game that you will want to play through multiple times, and a great co-op mode, an outstanding versus mode in Spies vs. Mercenaries so I think it is worth a purchase. Ubisoft and their Montreal studio went the extra mile to make sure that this game appeals to everyone and not just to stealth fans and the result is a game that is among the very best on the Xbox and it deserves to be played and experienced.
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 5 out of 5
splintercell chaos therory, Member darkspartan1145

i have played this game like 40 to 50 times over and over again and i have to say it is one of the best games ever invented because of it ability to let the player adapt to any situation and allows the player to not have to start all the way over when he or she trips an alarm.

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