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L.A. Rush Review

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L.A. Rush Review


Another issue is that there isn’t any sort of online multiplayer mode. The lack of car customization means that the online experience wouldn’t have been that spectacular anyway, but the lack of Xbox Live play is pretty significant. The game is Live Aware and there will be content downloads, but there is no online head-to-head play.

There is split-screen multiplayer available, which is fun for a while, but won’t keep you playing for long.

L.A. Has Never Looked Better

One aspect of L.A. Rush that is very well done is its impressive rendition of the city of Los Angeles. The map is absolutely huge and features all of the famous L.A. landmarks. The map has a great flow to it and just exploring is pretty enjoyable. There are jumps everywhere and lots of nooks and crannies you can find. Also impressive is the huge amount of traffic that is on the map. The traffic causes major headaches when you are trying to race, but it is hard not to appreciate just how many cars are out there all at once. The freeways are literally packed bumper to bumper like it is rush hour and it really is pretty cool.

Graphics and Sound

Graphically, L.A. Rush is a great looking game. The cars look great and crash up really nice. Like I said above, the city of L.A. is a joy to explore and nicely detailed. The game also has a really nice sense of speed and runs pretty smoothly most of the time.

The sound is also fairly well done. Sound effects for things like engines, squealing tires, and the frequent crashes are all spot on. There is a lot of spoken dialogue, but it was poorly written so even the best actors come off sounding pretty corny. The soundtrack features hip-hop, techno, and rock, but it isn’t all that spectacular. Not bad, just nothing really stands out.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a new racing game for Xbox, I suggest looking elsewhere. L.A. Rush features a great city to race in and decent driving mechanics, but the gameplay overall leaves a lot to be desired and the lack of customization options and online play leave the game far behind the competition. Basically, in a world where Burnout, Need for Speed, and Midnight Club exist, you have to bring your “A” game to keep up in the arcade and street racing genres and, sadly, L.A. Rush doesn’t do it. There is a good foundation here and I’m sure the next Rush game will be better (c’mon, you know its coming), but for now L.A. Rush is a rental at best.
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