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FIFA Street Review

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If you love the game of soccer, stay as far away from FIFA Street as you can because this is definitely not soccer. Sure, you kick a ball around and the game does use real world players, but the drama and skill and excitement of real soccer is nowhere to be found. This is basically NBA Street that you play with your feet minus all of the fun. Skip it.

The Street Formula

A main problem I have with FIFA Street and the Street series in general is EA’s interpretation of what “street” means. NBA Street works so fabulously well because that style of basketball is actually played every single day in parks all across America. The hip-hop, urban lifestyle is a part of basketball and the NBA now so that theme fits perfectly in NBA Street. On the other hand, when I think of street football, I think of muddy kids playing after school. Not running up the walls and backflipping into the end zone with a hip-hop soundtrack blaring and rappers saying “Nice game, dawg”.

Soccer is the same way. Street soccer does exist, but it is played by children – not professionals - on dusty fields because they want to be the next Ronaldo or Zidane or Cobi Jones. Can you imagine David Beckham going out in search of a pick up game at the park? I can’t. Another result of the “street” branding is that the game focuses on individuals and doing little tricks which seems to me is the complete opposite of what soccer is about. Being able to score a dozen goals in five minutes doesn’t make soccer any more exciting and it feels like EA completely missed the boat on this one.


Even if you aren’t a huge soccer fan and are just looking for something fun and easy to pick up and play, FIFA Street disappoints on that front as well. The game is played on small enclosed fields with three attacking players plus a goalie for each team. There are no out of bounds and no penalties so you can do things such as pass the ball off of the walls and slide tackle anyone and everyone as much as you please. This is supposed to create a faster paced, more exciting game of soccer but it fails miserably. Just like in the other Street games, you can use the right analog stick to perform different tricks which add up points until you earn a Gamebreaker. The different tricks you can do are mildly interesting at first, but then you realize that it is literally the only thing you have to do in the game because the goalkeepers are pathetic. Do a few tricks, shoot, score an easy goal, rinse and repeat. Gamebreakers themselves are practically worthless because it is already super easy to score and a majority of the time your own players get in the way of your shot so all of your fancy footwork and tricks are ultimately all for naught. FIFA Street is too simple and too stupid and it isn’t fun.

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