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Microsoft Kinect

Kinect is the final name for the device originally code named Project Natal. Kinect is a motion sensing camera that will allow users to play games and control movies and other aspect of the Xbox 360 without a controller.

Holiday 2012 Kinect Buyer's Guide
Kinect isn't nearly as hot in its third holiday season as it was in its first two, but it still might be worth a look if you know what you're getting into. Our 2012 holiday buyer's guide has what you need to know.

E3 2012 Upcoming Kinect Games List
Wondering what Kinect games are coming out for holiday 2012? We list everything we know about right here.

Holiday 2011 Kinect Buyer's Guide
Kinect has been on the market for a year now. If you haven't already bought one, our Holiday 2011 Kinect Buyer's Guide has lots of reasons why it is worth owning now. Find out all of the details here.

Nyko Zoom for Kinect Review (X360 Kinect)
The original Kinect for Xbox 360 was a little nearsighted, so the obvious solution was to slap a set of new lenses on it so it could see you better. Unfortunately, the Nyko Zoom accessory doesn't really work. See all of the details in our full review.

E3 2011 Upcoming Kinect Games List
Kinect, like any other new system, has had a bit of a slow first year. It looks like it is ramping up, though, with a large number of upcoming games scheduled for release before the end of 2011. We have a full list of every game we know about right here.

Project Natal Fact Sheet
Microsoft stole the show at E3 2009 with its new motion controller, codenamed Project Natal. The new controller isn't a wand or remote like other systems have, and is instead a video camera, microphone, and special sensors that see you in full 3D so your whole body becomes the controller. We have a full fact sheet straight from Microsoft on all of the details of Project Natal.

Project Natal Image Gallery
We have pictures of Microsoft's E3 2009 presentation of Natal as well as a shot of what the device itself looks like.

Microsoft Kinect Image Gallery
We have three official images of Microsoft's upcoming Kinect accessory for Xbox 360.

Official Microsoft Kinect Fact Sheet
Microsoft's "next big thing" in gaming is the Kinect motion sensing device that allows you to play games or control movies and other Xbox 360 functions without ever touching a controller. We have the official product fact sheet directly from Microsoft right here to tell you what Kinect is, how it works, and what you will be able to do with it.

What Games Will Launch With Kinect?
Kinect will launch with a lineup of 15 games including first party titles from Microsoft as well as third-party offerings from Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Konami, SEGA, and more. We have details on a handful of the launch titles right here.

When Will Kinect Be Released?
Kinect is Microsoft's attempt to redefine videogaming by letting you experience games without even needing a controller in your hand. When does it come out? Find out here.

How Much Will Kinect Cost?
Official details on the pricing or bundles for Microsoft's Kinect have not been revealed, but some retailers have taken a guess as to what the price might be when it is released on November 4th, 2010.

Keeping Faith in Kinect
I have to admit, I'm not a fan of motion controls up to this point. I honestly don't care either way if Kinect succeeds or fails. Less work for me over the next couple of years if it fails. I am going to at least give it a fair chance before I decide if I don't like it, however, which seems to be something a lot of blogs and other games writers aren't willing to do. A lot of the criticism Kin…

Kinect Buyer's Guide
Motion gaming is all the rage thanks to the Nintendo Wii, and now Microsoft is throwing it's hat into the motion-controlled ring with Kinect for Xbox 360. We have information on everything you need to know about Kinect here in our Kinect Buyer's Guide.

Kinect Hardware Review
We've had lots of quality hands on (or off, in Kinect's case), real world, real living room game time with Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360. How does it really work? Find out in our full review.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Review (X360)
The next step in the videogame exercise genre is here. Your Shape Fitness Evolved along with Kinect gives you a guided workout that is both fun and effective. See our full review here.

What Is Avatar Kinect?
At CES 2011 Microsoft officially unveiled Avatar Kinect, a chatroom that uses Kinect to make your Avatar move and react realistically. We have all of the details here.

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