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Now that you have your Xbox or Xbox 360, there are a lot of things you can do to enhance your enjoyment of it. Choosing the right accessories and understanding all of the features your Xbox or Xbox 360 offer will go a long way towards ensuring you enjoy your system for a long time to come.
  1. System Care and Maintenance
  2. Gamerscore and Achievements
  3. Gaming Culture
  4. Controllers, Wheels, and Arcade Stick Reviews
  5. Other Accessories You Might Need

System Care and Maintenance

Keeping your system clean and putting it in the right spot can make the difference between years of service or a sudden breakdown. Find out how to keep your systems, as well as your games, in top shape here.

Gamerscore and Achievements

One of the best features of the Xbox 360 is that each and every game has in-game goals called achievements that you can accomplish, and each one as a point value associated with it. Achievements and the Gamerscore points attached to them can be pretty addictive, and can cause you to play games you might not otherwise play or to play further in games you might have given up on just to get a few more precious points. And playing more games is always a good thing.

Gaming Culture

Being an Xbox fan is more than just owning the systems and playing the games. There are DVDs and books and movies and all sorts of other videogame-related things out there in the world to enjoy.

Controllers, Wheels, and Arcade Stick Reviews

Along with your new system, you might want to pick up an extra controller, steering wheel, arcade stick, or more, and we have recommendations for all of them.

Other Accessories You Might Need

In addition to controllers and steering wheels and that sort of thing, you also might need wireless adapters to connect to Xbox Live, a system selector so you can switch between different A/V devices, or you might want to hook your game system up to your computer. We have recommendations for all of these items right here.

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