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Xbox 360 Karaoke App Details


Microsoft is teaming with The KARAOKE Channel to bring a new karaoke app to the Xbox 360. The new app, launching this holiday season, puts a new twist on the karaoke genre by giving you access to its library of 8000+ songs on an hourly basis rather than making you buy them and store them on your hard drive. Karaoke Revolution and Lips had better watch out.


  • 2 Hours - 240 MSP ($3)
  • 6 Hours - 400 MSP ($5)
  • 24 Hours - 800 MSP ($10)

While some folks might not like the idea of having to pay every time you want to play, this format isn't any different from the way karaoke bars work in Japan and the rest of Asia, so it makes a lot of sense.

How often do you really want to do karaoke? Once a month or less and usually just when your friends are around? So why bother having all of those songs clogging up your hard drive when you aren't using them. This app will let you get your karaoke fill without any of the regret you normally feel in Rock Band when you buy some song on the spur of the moment only to decide it wasn't any fun.

Key features of the app include optional Xbox Smartglass functionality to browse through songs (another feature ripped straight from karaoke bars), a constantly changing selection of sample songs so you can sing a little bit for free if you want, and more. There will be options to change the key of a song to make it more accessible for anyone to sing as well as a lead vocal track to help you learn how a song should sound. Finding songs will also be easy with multiple sorting options as well as a favorites list to keep all your friends favorite tracks on file to sing next time.

The only hardware you'll need for the Karaoke app is an Xbox 360 (obviously), controller (or Smartglass device), and a microphone. Any of the wireless or wired Xbox 360 microphones on the market will work just fine, so you probably already have everything you need.

See the official announcement at Play XBLA

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