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Get NFL Sunday Ticket In 2013 Cheap With Madden 25


Get NFL Sunday Ticket In 2013 Cheap With Madden 25

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It was announced earlier this year that copies of the Anniversary Edition of Madden NFL 25 - sold exclusively at Amazon.com (preorder here) - would include a code that grants you access to NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2013 season. A lot of people were skeptical of the murky wording of the deal, and it all seemed too good to be true. Well, as we approach the launch of Madden 25 and the start of the NFL season, it seems like the deal is actually legit. Here are the details.

What Is NFL Sunday Ticket? - NFL Sunday Ticket is a service that lets you watch every Sunday afternoon NFL game (except for your local teams presumably on your broadcast TV station) for the full 17-week NFL regular season (Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday night games not included, and the playoffs are aired on broadcast TV so no need for a subscription for that). Obviously, this lets you watch just about any and every game you want so you aren't at the mercy of regional programming (I live in the Pacific Northwest, so the only games I ever get to see are Denver, Seattle, and San Francisco, which sucks since I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan). NFL Sunday Ticket also has the Red Zone Channel, which switches back and forth between all of the games to show every play inside the 20-yard line.

What is the Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition? - The Anniversary Edition of Madden NFL 25 is an Amazon exclusive and retails for $100 on both PS3 and Xbox 360. This package gets you the game, a 17-week subscription to Madden Ultimate Team packs (17 free packs of extra cards for you Ultimate Team fanatics), and a code that gives you access to NFL Sunday Ticket on PC, tablets, or mobile (in the U.S. only, sorry Canada). The Anniversary Edition is going to be limited to 100,000 copies, so if you want this deal I suggest you pre-order now.

Is There A Catch? - You do not need a Direct TV subscription to use this. The code you get gives you access to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on PC, tablets, or mobile. No TV, or subscription, or anything else required. In fact, the offer doesn't actually even require an Xbox 360 or PS3. You could theoretically buy the Anniversary Edition of Madden 25 just for the NFL Sunday Ticket code, and then re-sell the game to make some of your money back while getting to watch football all season long for dirt cheap compared to the normally several-hundred-dollar Sunday Ticket price tag. There is no catch. You aren't signing up for anything extra. There won't be any extra fees.

If you do want to subscribe to Direct TV, the Anniversary Edition also comes with a coupon code for $10 off every month for your first year of service as well as NFL Sunday Ticket Max so you can watch on your TV instead of a PC.

It should be noted that if you already have Direct TV and NFL Sunday Ticket, the Anniversary Edition isn't much of a deal, so you can go ahead and just buy the standard $60 version of Madden 25 instead.

Also, obviously, the Xbox One version of Madden 25 won't offer this deal since it won't come out until the season is more than half over sometime in November.

We'll have a review of Madden 25 later in August, but check our Madden NFL 13 review or this year's NCAA Football 14 for an idea on how the game should turn out.

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