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CES '12 Xbox 360 Sales Numbers

Xbox 360 Worldwide Hardware Sales Through January 2012


During its CES 2012 keynote speech, Microsoft revealed some interesting Xbox 360 sales numbers.

66 million Xbox 360 systems sold worldwide.

18 million Kinect sensors sold worldwide.

And 40 million active Xbox Live members (includes both Xbox Live Gold and Free).

Microsoft issued a press release stating these numbers and emphasized the word "sold" which usually means sold to consumers and not just shipped to retail. We do know the Xbox 360 had a massively successful 2011 Holiday season, so selling 6-7 million units worldwide over the last 3-4 months doesn't seem too far fetched. The Kinect numbers are also roughly in line with what we expected since, before these numbers, it had been nearly a year since the last time we got Kinect sales data and it was at 10 mil back then.

Microsoft's Chief of Staff for Interactive Business, Aaron Greenberg, tweeted after the announcement that the 40 million Xbox Live members number only includes active members with either Gold or Silver.

Really impressive numbers for the Xbox 360. We had hoped to get some news on the next Xbox system at CES 2012, but that didn't happen. If Microsoft follows the same pattern it did with the Xbox 360, however, we should see something at E3 and (maybe) the successor will be released in late 2012. Of course, with sales numbers this good, Microsoft likely isn't in any hurry to release new hardware.

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