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No videogame system can be judged by hardware alone. The games are what make a system worth owning, and the Xbox 360 has a ton of great games in a variety of genres. You can also play many of the best games from the original Xbox on the Xbox 360 as well.
  1. Xbox 360 Shooters
  2. Xbox 360 Racing Games
  3. Xbox 360 Sports Games
  4. Xbox 360 Role Playing and Strategy Games
  1. Xbox Backward Compatible Games
  2. Non-Backward Compatible Xbox Games
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Xbox 360 Shooters

One of the most popular genres on the Xbox 360 is the shooter. Both third-person and first-person-shooters are well represented on the Xbox 360, no doubt thanks to the powerful hardware that can produce fantastic graphics and great controller that offers the precision that these games require.

Xbox 360 Racing Games

Racing is another genre that has proven very popular on the Xbox 360. The games look great and control nearly perfectly, especially when you use one of the many racing wheel accessories available for the system.

Xbox 360 Sports Games

The Xbox 360 has several games from just about every sport you can think of. Here are some of the best.

Xbox 360 Role Playing and Strategy Games

On the original Xbox, RPGs and strategy games were few and far between, but already on the Xbox 360 there are several great titles.

Xbox Backward Compatible Games

There are around 400 original Xbox games that are playable on the Xbox 360. Here are some of the best.

Non-Backward Compatible Xbox Games

The Xbox 360's backward compatibility is a very handy feature, but not every title will work. Some of the best original Xbox games still require you to lug out the big black box when you want to play them.

All Xbox Game Reviews

If you want to see all of our reviews of games for the original Xbox, follow these links.

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