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How To Get Xbox Live for Less Than $50 a Year


One of the arguments the competition makes against the Xbox 360 is that their online services are free while Xbox Live Gold costs $50. Beyond the “Well, it costs money because it is better” counter-argument, you can also rub their face in the fact that you didn’t actually pay $50 for a year of Live. How, you ask? Find out all of the details on how to get Xbox Live for less right here.

Patience is Key

The first and easiest way to get Xbox Live for cheap is to simply wait for deals and cash in when you find a good price. You can use multiple subscription cards for Xbox Live and they just keep adding onto the end of your current subscription. You can buy a couple of cards for cheap now so you’ll be set for quite a while into the future. Always a good plan.

Right now on Pricegrabber (compare prices here), the lowest price for 12 Months of Xbox Live is $38.98.

On Amazon.com you can get 12 Months + 1 Extra Month for $38.99 from Amazon or $36.99 from a seller on the Amazon Marketplace.

Bundle With Things You Want Anyway

Another way to get Live for cheaper is to wait for bundle packages. You might not get a full year of Xbox Live (usually it is 3 Months), but many retailers bundle Live subscription cards with games or accessories. Coupons

Another easy way to save money on Xbox Live is to take advantage of coupon codes at online retailers. Xbox Live subscriptions almost always count as “Accessories” so if there is a sale or coupon code for gaming accessories you should be able to find Live cards for well less than retail. 12 Months of Xbox Live might be listed for $50 to start with at some retailers, but when you can use coupon codes it cuts that price down pretty well.

Check Local Ads and Online Deal Sites

Keep an eye on the Sunday ads for retailers like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Toys ‘R Us, Best Buy, etc. because you never know when they might include an Xbox Live card with a new release coming out that week. Also, make CheapAssGamer.com a regular stop because they are usually the first place to post information on deals just like I have featured in this article. Slickdeals.net or FatWallet.com are also highly recommended websites that focus specifically on deals just like this.

Bottom Line

With a little effort, it is pretty easy to save money on Xbox Live subscription cards. Watch deal websites. Use coupon codes. Bundle with accessories or games you plan to buy anyway. And buy several cards when you do find good deals since they stack and extend your subscription. Your effort will be rewarded with not only access to the best online gaming network available, but you’ll have some extra cash in your pocket as well.

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