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Xbox One FAQ


Xbox One FAQ
Before, and even now after the event ... , the Xbox One has had a lot of rumors and questions swirling around it. We try to answer some of the most common and most important questions here.

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Does Xbox One Require An Internet Connection?

No. You will be able to play games on Xbox One without any sort of online check-in requirement. You can play offline indefinitely. You will have to connect to Xbox Live once, to download a patch that will remove the previous DRM policy, but after that you'll never be forced to connect again. Of course, you'll probably want to connect, considering all the cool features require Xbox Live, but at least they aren't forcing you anymore.

While it is not a feature hardwired into the system that forces you to be online to play games, game developers will have the option to create online-only games if they choose.

Will Xbox One Play Blu Ray Movies?


Does the Xbox One Block Used Games?

No. Xbox One games will work just like games have always worked. You'll be able to loan the game discs to friends, sell them, trade them in to retailers, rent them, and everything else we've come to expect with physical media.

Is Xbox One Region Free?

Xbox One will be region free, meaning games from any region will work on any Xbox One console. Now you can import all of those crazy Japanese games you've had your eye on.

Will My Xbox Live Account Transfer to Xbox One?

Yes. Your Xbox Live Gold account, along with your current subscription, will carry over to Xbox One. It will be the same account. While not out and out confirmed by Microsoft, this does seem to indicate you'll be paying for Xbox Live Gold next gen too, so anyone hoping for a free online-play future may be disappointed.

What About Gamerscore and Achievements, Will They Transfer Too?

Yes. Your Gamerscore and all of the Achievements will carry over toe Xbox One.

Will Xbox One Be Backward Compatible With Xbox 360 Games?

No. The Xbox One has been designed to work in a totally new way from the way the Xbox 360 worked, so backward compatibility is not possible. Unlike the original Xbox, however, Microsoft isn't planning on just abandoning the Xbox 360 when the One comes out, so the 360 will still be supported with new games, entertainment apps, and more for the forseeable future.

Will Xbox 360 Accessories Work on Xbox One?

Unfortunately, no. Since the Xbox One is not backward compatible with Xbox 360, it kind of makes sense (even if it sucks) that you won't be able to use X360 accessories. Xbox One games will be designed around using the new Xbox One controller that offers special features that the X360 controllers aren't capable of, so you likely wouldn't want to use the old controllers anyway. It is definitely a bummer that you'll have to buy new fight sticks or steering wheel accessories for Xbox One, but that is sort of the nature of how the game industry works.

Does The Xbox One Console Come With A Headset?

Yes. Every Xbox One system will come with a headset so you can talk with people online in multiplayer or party chat.

Will the New Kinect Come With Every Xbox One?

Yes. Kinect is a vital feature of the core Xbox One experience, and the new and improved Kinect will come with every system.

Is Kinect Required To Be Plugged In?

If you don't want to use the new Kinect, it is not required to be connected to the console at all. It will also have a host of privacy options so you'll always be in control over what it sees or hears as well as what (if any) data it collects when it is plugged in. Many of the best features of Xbox One are built around using Kinect, though, so we think you'll want to use it. It is nice that the option to not use it at all is there, though.

How Much Will Xbox One Cost?

$499 USD.

When Will Xbox One Be Released?

November 2013. We don't have a specific date yet.

This Sounds Like Garbage, I'm Getting PS4!

Do what 'ya gotta do.

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