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Every 2 Minutes Xbox One and Mountain Dew Contest Details


Every 2 Minutes Xbox One and Mountain Dew Contest Details

Just like with the launch of the Xbox 360 back in November 2005, Microsoft has teamed up with Mountain Dew for a massive contest to give away thousands of Xbox One consoles this Fall. Find out all of the details on how you can enter here.

See the Every 2 Minutes website here.

The Xbox 360 promotion gave away a system every 10 minutes (see details here). The Xbox One and Mountain Dew promotion will give away a new Xbox One (Xbox One FAQ) every 2 minutes. The contest is only open to U.S. residents.

How It Works

For the Xbox One Every 2 Minutes contest, you will need to collect codes found on specially marked Mountain Dew and Doritos products. You then enter those codes into your account on the Every2Minutes website. Each of the codes gives you one sweepstakes entry of your choice (to enter a random drawing for an Xbox One or other prizes) as well as a set number of points (the number of points each code is worth depends on the product you got it from). You then use the points to enter "auctions" for Xbox One consoles and other prizes, or you can use the points to buy other merchandise from the contest store. You are limited to a maximum of 1,000 codes, and 150,000 points. In an interesting twist, you can "gift" points to someone else, which will obviously help your odds of winning if you can pool points from multiple sources.

You can start collecting codes now, but you won't be able to add them to your account until September 30th.


Auctions will start taking place on November 5th, 2013 and will run for 5 hours every night - from 9:01PM EST until 2:01AM EST - until December 9th, 2013. There will be 150 auctions every night, but the contest will run all day on Black Friday, November 29th for a total of 720 auctions that day.

When the auctions start, you'll be able to bid your points to try to win each auction. You'll set your maximum bid for an auction, and your bid will automatically increase as needed to keep you as the highest bidder - until you reach that maximum point thresh hold (so it works like eBay, basically). All of the auctions will be for Xbox One consoles, but there will be lots of different ones with different free games (Xbox One Launch Games List), custom consoles, and more.

You can also use your points to buy merchandise from the contest store. We don't know what you'll be able to buy, but it will likely be t-shirts and other similarly cheap stuff. You'll be able to use your points all the way until January 17, 2014, so you'll be able to spend any points you have left over after the auctions end on December 9.


The sweepstakes part of the contest will allow you to apply any number of codes you want to a sweepstakes of your choice - codes and points are separate, remember - and you can enter as many points into as many sweepstakes as you want (so you could apply one code to every drawing, or a thousand to one drawing, or anywhere in between). These are random drawings.

For all of the details, check out the official Every2Minutes website.

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