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Pacific Rim: The Video Game Review (XBLA)

By July 15, 2013

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Pacific Rim: TVG box

Pacific Rim: The Video Game lets you punch giant monsters in the face with giant robots. Depending on how much you love kaiju, that just might be enough to overcome a pretty lengthy list of problems. It doesn't pack a lot of content, or very good presentation (at all), or particularly deep gameplay, and was clearly rushed to market to release alongside the movie, but darn it, we had fun with it in spite of a long list of pretty obvious flaws. On one hand, Pacific Rim: The Video Game is a typical half-baked movie tie-in game. On the other hand, giant robots and kaiju! This is the ultimate "try the demo" XBLA game. You just might like it. Our full review has all of the details.

Pacific Rim: The Video Game Review (XBLA)

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